Velo Project

Velo Project is a not-for-profit promotional company standing behind the Benchmark Homes Women’s Cycling Team for the 2017 season. It has been established for the purpose of progressing our next high-performance female athletes through the ranks, and blooding them in a way that when they move to the world stage, they are prepared to seize their opportunity.  

In cycling, the pathway to success and becoming a world class athlete is not a straightforward one.  It tends to be an isolated venture, usually involving long stints overseas, in foreign countries where finding someone to speak English is more difficult than finding that elusive needle in the haystack.  

There is no hiding the fact that women’s cycling is a tough gig in relation to the flashier men’s counterpart.  As a successful world tour rider, you are still battling to pay the bills rather than on a six-figure salary.  The lack of a clear pathway to the top and the expense of getting there, are some of the reasons we lose talented female athletes in the sport.  Athletes are expected to take the leap in the deep end without support and guidance in a safe and controlled environment; it’s that sink or swim mentality.  We have the depth and talent pool in New Zealand but the environment, culture and expectations that come with overseas racing are so different to deal with.

Velo Project work on the philosophy of mixing athletes from under 17 and under 19 level through to current elite athletes; with the same goal in mind, to be world class.  Riders with overseas experience can pass it on to the next tier coming through.  Each individual is fostered so when their time comes they know how to ride as part of a team, what is expected as a professional athlete and how to perform at a high level.  

Working with a great group of sponsors, Velo Project has secured some significant support for 2018 and 2019 through: Heavy Trucks, Feed Co, Graeme Litt Plumbing, Sidekick Accountants, Hub Cycles, Peloton and Il Magro Espresso Bar.  This allows us to develop and harness our athletes in the best way possible.  Velo Project (under a naming sponsor) will be a trade team registered for the 2018 season and will target the major events throughout New Zealand, as well as looking at participating in races in Australia.  

Velo Project is currently taking expressions of interest for the 2018 season.  If you want to be considered for a position in a close-knit team environment, while having support and guidance in your racing at a level which is significant for women’s cycling in New Zealand, please apply.  Applications close October 6th.

If you are interested in supporting/sponsoring Velo Project please don’t hesitate to email below.

To apply, send your cycling cv, any other relevant information and expression of interest to [email protected]


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