Unsurpassed cycling tours in the heart of Southeast Asia

Let Southern Exposure Tours tempt you to explore the tapestry of culture and colour that is Southeast Asia, with our small group, fully supported cycling tours.

Southeast Asia is a cycling treasure trove waiting to be explored, photo provided

Let Southern Exposure Tours tempt you to explore the tapestry of culture and colour that is Southeast Asia, with our small group, fully supported cycling tours.

One of the joys of travelling can often be the slower route, taking the time to meet and get to know the locals. In Asia, the doors of people’s homes are almost always left open and visitors made welcome in every home. To host a guest is an honour and a pleasure for every Asian family. Throughout our destinations, our philosophy is driven by these simple values.

When you cycle with us, we strive to make every visitor feel comfortable and welcome, as we share these unique cultures with you.

Our tours let you cycle from Bangkok via Cambodia to Saigon, then on to Hanoi and even on to Laos! 

The experiences that await are out of this world, photo provided
Bangkok to Saigon:

Our overland cycle expedition from Bangkok to the Angkor Temples of Cambodia, continuing to the Mekong Delta and cosmopolitan Saigon, encapsulates all that is great about the region. Your journey will take you through rural villages and coastal towns, past vast rice paddy fields, coconut plantations and the complicated canals of the mighty Mekong Delta. Each country is bursting with new adventures and each is distinctly different with their own characteristics.


Saigon to Hanoi:

This cycle journey takes you through beautiful coastal towns, highlands and nature reserves. You will experience stunning mountain and coastal views, enjoy swimming and relaxing on beaches and mysterious ancient sites. Vietnam will not fail to amaze and thrill along the way. The natural beauty, exquisite food and the friendliness of the locals will make the experience unforgettable.  

From floating villages to gentle, friendly and welcoming people there is so much to enjoy in Cambodia, photo provided

The people are gentle, friendly and welcoming. Cycling in Cambodia is pretty laid back, relatively flat, it is a destination that suits most abilities. There is plenty to see, floating villages, timeless ancient temples of Angkor Wat and the dazzling green of rice paddies.



Travelling by bike gives you the best view of Vietnam and this mesmerising country provides opportunities to meet the locals and experience their culture in a way that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Locals will join you along the way as you cycle backroad lanes or mountain passes. A highlight is the delicious Vietnamese Cuisine awaiting you at every meal.

Places to explore and people to see abound from Vietnam to Laos, photo provided

Quickly emerging as the `new` tourist destination after years of war and isolation, Laos is an environment of traditional cultures, laid-back locals, incredible cuisine, quaint towns, stunning mountains, spectacular rivers and ancient temples. Traffic volume and infrastructure is low outside the main cities and a highlight of cycling in Laos is the enthusiasm of ethnic minority children who will rush to the village gates to greet you.

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