Michael Vink has won the 2019 SBS Bank Tour of Southland ahead of Alex Heaney and Hamish Schreurs. The final day saw Dylan Kennett win the individual time trial and the closing road race.

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Michael Vink joins back-to-back club at SBS Bank Tour of Southland

Stage 6 results:

1Dylan KENNETT Placemakers16:17 (47.90 km/h)
2Glenn HADEN Coupland’s Bakeries00:29
3Michael VINK Placemakers00:33
4Ben OLIVER Central Benchmakers-Willbike00:49
5Paul ODLIN PowernetST
6Morgan SMITH HR Building00:54
7Alex HEANEY Powernet00:57
8Ethan BATT Placemakers00:58
9Eder FRAYRE Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel00:59
10James HARVEY PlacemakersST
11Nick WHITE Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel01:05
12Reuben THOMPSON Team Skoda FruzioST
13Jake MARRYATT Support Clean Sport01:08
14Corbin STRONG Team Skoda Fruzio01:10
15Ollie JONES PowernetST
16Hamish SCHRUERS Powernet01:11
17Hugo JONES Business SouthST
18Paul WRIGHT Central Benchmakers-Willbike01:12
19Campbell STEWART Base Solutions Racing-WCNI01:14
20James FOUCHE Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh01:16
21Hamish KEAST Placemakers01:19
22Oliver STENNING SiS-Santini-WAST
23Lachlan ROBERTSON SiS-Santini-WA01:21
24Kees DUYVESTEYN Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh01:26
25Noah BOGLI Vet4Farm01:29
26Samuel MILLER Support Clean Sport01:30
27Ioan FULLER Petrotec-Blackmax01:31
28Darcy PIROTTA Velofit Australia01:32
29Jayden KUIJPERS Team Skoda Fruzio01:33
30Madi HARTLEY-BROWN Coupland’s Bakeries01:35
31J-P VAN DER MERWE SiS-Santini-WA01:36
32Adrien MERKT Vet4FarmST
33Brendan HOUSLER Support Clean Sport01:41
34Joe SWALE C Brown Builders-Olphert Contracting01:42
35Max JONES Base Solutions Racing-WCNI01:43
36Kiaan WATTS Team Skoda Fruzio01:45
38Sam FOX Petrotec-Blackmax01:46
39Andrew KING Powernet01:48
40Ruben EGGENBERG Vet4FarmST
41Campbell PITHIE ITM01:49
42George JACKSON ITM01:50
43Dylan LONGRIDGE Vet4Farm01:59
44Antonie VAN NOPPEN Powernet02:01
45Sam GUEST Petrotec-Blackmax02:03
46Joshua SCOTT Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-RicohST
47Liam CAPPEL Coupland’s Bakeries02:06
48Felix DONNELLY Business South02:07
49Bryce LANIGAN Velofit Australia02:14
50William GREEN Business South02:21
52Simon IMBODEN Vet4FarmST
53Scott TRAYHURN ITM02:25
54Bas SITTERS Talbot Forest Cheese-UltimoST
55Jordan KERBY Base Solutions Racing-WCNIST
56Tony DOHERTY SiS-Santini-WA02:26
57Henry LEVETT Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-RicohST
58Samuel RITCHIE Talbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo02:27
59Nick BEGG Talbot Forest Cheese-UltimoST
60Tom SEXTON Business South02:29
61Daniel BRIDGEWATER C Brown Builders-Olphert ContractingST
62Shane POINTON Talbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo02:31
63Niklas TEMPERLI Vet4FarmST
64Blake TAIT-JONES Central Benchmakers-Willbike02:32
65Elar KALDA SiS-Santini-WA02:34
66Neil CLEGHORN Talbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo02:36
67Dylan SIMPSON Base Solutions Racing-WCNIST
68Patrick WALLE Support Clean Sport02:37
69Rhys ROBOTHAM ITM02:38
70Carne GROUBE Base Solutions Racing-WCNIST
71Cathal GUINEY Petrotec-Blackmax02:40
72Theo GILBERTSON Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh02:41
73Griffyn SPENCER Business South02:50
74Luke MCDERMOTT Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh02:53
75Ryan THOMAS Base Solutions Racing-WCNIST
76Ari SCOTT Team Skoda Fruzio02:56
77Andrew POINTON Talbot Forest Cheese-UltimoST
78Ben CANNON C Brown Builders-Olphert Contracting03:05
79William FINDLAY Petrotec-Blackmax03:06
80Joshua PAGE Coupland’s Bakeries03:07
81Joel MACMILLAN Central Benchmakers-WillbikeST
82Joshua HAGGERTY Placemakers03:13
83Matthew HARVEY Velofit Australia03:14
84Travis KANE Business South03:16
85David MCCORMICK HR Building03:18
86Timothy HARVEY Velofit Australia03:23
87Joshua ALDRIDGE C Brown Builders-Olphert Contracting03:24
88Conor MURTAGH Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel03:27
89Tim HENSHAW C Brown Builders-Olphert ContractingST
90Hayden RANKIN HR Building03:51
91Myles GIBSON Central Benchmakers-Willbike04:01
92Todd SATCHELL Velofit Australia04:32
93Jensen PLOWRIGHT Kia Motors-Ascot Park HotelDQ
94Cyrus MONK Kia Motors-Ascot Park HotelDQ
95Bailey O’DONNELL Team Skoda FruzioDNS
Dylan Kennett on his way to the first of two stage wins in a day, photo James Jubb/Studio Jubb

Stage 7 results:

1Dylan KENNETT Placemakers1:30:59 (51.77 km/h)
2Campbell STEWART Base Solutions Racing-WCNIST
3Corbin STRONG Team Skoda FruzioST
4Ben OLIVER Central Benchmakers-WillbikeST
5Kiaan WATTS Team Skoda FruzioST
6Nick WHITE Kia Motors-Ascot Park HotelST
7Niklas TEMPERLI Vet4FarmST
8Eder FRAYRE Kia Motors-Ascot Park HotelST
9James FOUCHE Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-RicohST
10Michael VINK Placemakers00:06
11Antonie VAN NOPPEN Powernet00:10
12Glenn HADEN Coupland’s BakeriesST
13Alex HEANEY Powernet00:13
14Conor MURTAGH Kia Motors-Ascot Park HotelST
15Ryan THOMAS Base Solutions Racing-WCNIST
16Adrien MERKT Vet4FarmST
17James HARVEY Placemakers00:17
18Hamish SCHRUERS PowernetST
19Ethan BATT Placemakers00:29
20Jordan KERBY Base Solutions Racing-WCNI02:41
21Felix DONNELLY Business South02:57
22Dylan SIMPSON Base Solutions Racing-WCNIST
23Reuben THOMPSON Team Skoda FruzioST
24Paul ODLIN Powernet03:01
25Ollie JONES Powernet03:04
26Tom SEXTON Business SouthST
27Hamish KEAST PlacemakersST
28Morgan SMITH HR Building04:39
29Joe SWALE C Brown Builders-Olphert ContractingST
31Kees DUYVESTEYN Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-RicohST
32Noah BOGLI Vet4FarmST
33William GREEN Business SouthST
34Blake TAIT-JONES Central Benchmakers-Willbike04:43
35George JACKSON ITM04:52
36Theo GILBERTSON Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-RicohST
37Joshua HAGGERTY PlacemakersST
38Madi HARTLEY-BROWN Coupland’s Bakeries05:23
39Samuel RITCHIE Talbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo08:26
41Dylan LONGRIDGE Vet4FarmST
42Sam FOX Petrotec-BlackmaxST
43Sam GUEST Petrotec-BlackmaxST
44Bryce LANIGAN Velofit AustraliaST
46William FINDLAY Petrotec-BlackmaxST
49Henry LEVETT Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-RicohST
50Samuel MILLER Support Clean SportST
51Matthew HARVEY Velofit AustraliaST
52Timothy HARVEY Velofit AustraliaST
53Nick BEGG Talbot Forest Cheese-UltimoST
54Travis KANE Business SouthST
55Luke MCDERMOTT Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-RicohST
56Tony DOHERTY SiS-Santini-WAST
57Elar KALDA SiS-Santini-WAST
58Ioan FULLER Petrotec-BlackmaxST
59Simon IMBODEN Vet4FarmST
61Jake MARRYATT Support Clean Sport08:33
62Cathal GUINEY Petrotec-BlackmaxST
63Darcy PIROTTA Velofit AustraliaST
64Ari SCOTT Team Skoda FruzioST
65Tim HENSHAW C Brown Builders-Olphert ContractingST
66Neil CLEGHORN Talbot Forest Cheese-UltimoST
67Todd SATCHELL Velofit AustraliaST
68Lachlan ROBERTSON SiS-Santini-WAST
69Bas SITTERS Talbot Forest Cheese-UltimoST
70Shane POINTON Talbot Forest Cheese-UltimoST
71Daniel BRIDGEWATER C Brown Builders-Olphert ContractingST
72Andrew POINTON Talbot Forest Cheese-UltimoST
73Liam CAPPEL Coupland’s BakeriesST
74Jayden KUIJPERS Team Skoda FruzioST
75Brendan HOUSLER Support Clean Sport08:40
76Patrick WALLE Support Clean SportST
77Hugo JONES Business SouthST
78Hayden RANKIN HR BuildingST
79Joshua SCOTT Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh08:45
80Griffyn SPENCER Business SouthST
81Oliver STENNING SiS-Santini-WA08:48
82Joshua PAGE Coupland’s BakeriesST
83Carne GROUBE Base Solutions Racing-WCNI08:55
84Max JONES Base Solutions Racing-WCNIST
85Ruben EGGENBERG Vet4FarmST
86Joel MACMILLAN Central Benchmakers-WillbikeST
87Paul WRIGHT Central Benchmakers-WillbikeST
88Joshua ALDRIDGE C Brown Builders-Olphert ContractingST
89Andrew KING PowernetST
90Myles GIBSON Central Benchmakers-Willbike09:17
91David MCCORMICK HR BuildingST
92Ben CANNON C Brown Builders-Olphert Contracting11:27

General classification:

1Michael VINK Placemakers20:14:00
2Alex HEANEY Powernet02:38
3Hamish SCHRUERS Powernet04:23
4Antonie VAN NOPPEN Powernet06:49
5Eder FRAYRE Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel06:55
6Nick WHITE Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel07:03
7Corbin STRONG Team Skoda Fruzio07:37
8Reuben THOMPSON Team Skoda Fruzio07:49
9Kees DUYVESTEYN Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh10:15
10Adrien MERKT Vet4Farm10:31
11Campbell STEWART Base Solutions Racing-WCNI11:02
12Glenn HADEN Coupland’s Bakeries13:32
13Ben OLIVER Central Benchmakers-Willbike14:28
14Paul ODLIN Powernet15:56
15Ollie JONES Powernet18:47
16James HARVEY Placemakers19:00
17Theo GILBERTSON Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh20:44
18Ethan BATT Placemakers20:50
19Conor MURTAGH Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel21:12
20William GREEN Business South23:52
21Joshua ALDRIDGE C Brown Builders-Olphert Contracting25:28
22Niklas TEMPERLI Vet4Farm26:56
23Ryan THOMAS Base Solutions Racing-WCNI27:00
24Sam FOX Petrotec-Blackmax27:49
25Simon IMBODEN Vet4Farm28:05
26Blake TAIT-JONES Central Benchmakers-Willbike30:46
27Tom SEXTON Business South30:47
28Sam GUEST Petrotec-Blackmax32:01
29Campbell PITHIE ITM32:04
30Dylan LONGRIDGE Vet4Farm32:31
31J-P VAN DER MERWE SiS-Santini-WA35:30
32James FOUCHE Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh36:22
33Bas SITTERS Talbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo36:54
34Rhys ROBOTHAM ITM36:57
35Joe SWALE C Brown Builders-Olphert Contracting37:33
36Darcy PIROTTA Velofit Australia39:53
37Kiaan WATTS Team Skoda Fruzio40:15
38Ruben EGGENBERG Vet4Farm40:16
39Jordan KERBY Base Solutions Racing-WCNI40:17
40Jayden KUIJPERS Team Skoda Fruzio41:27
41Ari SCOTT Team Skoda Fruzio42:18
42Felix DONNELLY Business South43:17
43Samuel MILLER Support Clean Sport43:51
44Max JONES Base Solutions Racing-WCNI45:25
45Madi HARTLEY-BROWN Coupland’s Bakeries47:17
46Jake MARRYATT Support Clean Sport52:12
47Scott TRAYHURN ITM52:40
48Cathal GUINEY Petrotec-Blackmax52:57
49Paul WRIGHT Central Benchmakers-Willbike53:58
50Dylan SIMPSON Base Solutions Racing-WCNI54:10
51Dylan KENNETT Placemakers54:48
52Noah BOGLI Vet4Farm55:32
53Henry LEVETT Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh55:35
54Timothy HARVEY Velofit Australia58:43
55Elar KALDA SiS-Santini-WA59:06
56Luke MCDERMOTT Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh1:00:00
57Hamish KEAST Placemakers1:00:49
58Oliver STENNING SiS-Santini-WA1:01:04
59Liam CAPPEL Coupland’s Bakeries1:02:20
60Bryce LANIGAN Velofit Australia1:02:38
61George JACKSON ITM1:02:54
62Matthew HARVEY Velofit Australia1:04:57
63Morgan SMITH HR Building1:07:26
64Ioan FULLER Petrotec-Blackmax1:10:43
65Joel MACMILLAN Central Benchmakers-Willbike1:12:21
66Andrew KING Powernet1:13:28
67Michael HARRIS ITM1:16:48
68Carne GROUBE Base Solutions Racing-WCNI1:20:36
69Nick BEGG Talbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo1:21:44
70Todd SATCHELL Velofit Australia1:23:19
71Hugo JONES Business South1:25:18
72Brendan HOUSLER Support Clean Sport1:25:31
73Andrew POINTON Talbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo1:26:06
74Samuel RITCHIE Talbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo1:27:11
75Joshua HAGGERTY Placemakers1:28:00
76Griffyn SPENCER Business South1:31:24
77William FINDLAY Petrotec-Blackmax1:32:24
78Tony DOHERTY SiS-Santini-WA1:32:46
79Patrick WALLE Support Clean Sport1:34:06
80Joshua SCOTT Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh1:34:51
81Travis KANE Business South1:35:13
82Daniel BRIDGEWATER C Brown Builders-Olphert Contracting1:36:26
83Lachlan ROBERTSON SiS-Santini-WA1:39:19
84Reon NOLAN ITM1:39:23
85Tim HENSHAW C Brown Builders-Olphert Contracting1:40:40
86Ben CANNON C Brown Builders-Olphert Contracting1:42:35
87Shane POINTON Talbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo1:43:24
88Neil CLEGHORN Talbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo1:44:24
89Joshua PAGE Coupland’s Bakeries1:46:31
90Myles GIBSON Central Benchmakers-Willbike1:51:14
91Hayden RANKIN HR Building2:04:06
92David MCCORMICK HR Building2:17:36
Michael Vink has joined the successful defence of Southland titles club, photo James Jubb/Studio Jubb

Points classification:

1Tom Sexton Business South70 pts
2Ollie Jones Powernet45
3James Fouche Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh37
4Brendan Housler Support Clean Sport19
5Paul Wright Central Benchmakers-Willbike18
6Nick White Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel17
7Madi Hartley-Brown Coupland’s Bakeries16
8James Harvey Placemakers14
9Jordan Kerby Base Solutions Racing-WCNI14
10Ioan Fuller Petrotec-Blackmax12
11Theo Gilbertson Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh10
12Alex Heaney Powernet10
13Hamish Schruers Powernet10
14Michael Vink Placemakers8
15George Jackson ITM7
16Corbin Strong Team Skoda Fruzio6
17Henry Levett Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh6
18Kees Duyvesteyn Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh5
19Dylan Kennett Placemakers4
20Joshua Haggerty Placemakers4
21Myles Gibson Central Benchmakers-Willbike3
22Ethan Batt Placemakers3
23Ryan Thomas Base Solutions Racing-WCNI3
24Campbell Pithie ITM3
25Liam Cappel Coupland’s Bakeries3
26Campbell Stewart Base Solutions Racing-WCNI2
27Adrien Merkt Vet4Farm2
28Ben Oliver Central Benchmakers-Willbike2
29Jayden Kuijpers Team Skoda Fruzio2
30Samuel Miller Support Clean Sport2
31Oliver Stenning SiS-Santini-WA2
32Griffyn Spencer Business South2
33Travis Kane Business South2
34Reon Nolan ITM2
35Conor Murtagh Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel1
36Rhys Robotham ITM1
37Felix Donnelly Business South1
38Hamish Keast Placemakers1

Mountains classification:

1Ollie Jones Powernet38 pts
2Ioan Fuller Petrotec-Blackmax27
3Eder Frayre Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel20
4Paul Wright Central Benchmakers-Willbike18
5Brendan Housler Support Clean Sport12
6Corbin Strong Team Skoda Fruzio10
7Sam Guest Petrotec-Blackmax9
8Adrien Merkt Vet4Farm8
9Theo Gilbertson Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh8
10Henry Levett Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh8
11Nick White Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel7
12Campbell Pithie ITM7
13Max Jones Base Solutions Racing-WCNI6
14Jake Marryatt Support Clean Sport6
15James Harvey Placemakers5
16Michael Vink Placemakers4
17Hamish Schruers Powernet4
18Tom Sexton Business South4
19Liam Cappel Coupland’s Bakeries4
20Conor Murtagh Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel3
21James Fouche Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh3
22Antonie Van Noppen Powernet2
23Ethan Batt Placemakers2
24J-P Van Der Merwe SiS-Santini-WA2
25Joel MacMillan Central Benchmakers-Willbike2
26Kees Duyvesteyn Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh1
27Samuel Ritchie Talbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo1

Young rider classification:

1Antonie VAN NOPPEN Powernet20:20:49
2Corbin STRONG Team Skoda Fruzio07:37
3Reuben THOMPSON Team Skoda Fruzio07:49
4Kees DUYVESTEYN Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh10:15
5Campbell STEWART Base Solutions Racing-WCNI11:02
6Theo GILBERTSON Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh20:44
7Ethan BATT Placemakers20:50
8Niklas TEMPERLI Vet4Farm26:56
9Sam FOX Petrotec-Blackmax27:49
10Simon IMBODEN Vet4Farm28:05
11Tom SEXTON Business South30:47
12Campbell PITHIE ITM32:04
13J-P VAN DER MERWE SiS-Santini-WA35:30
14James FOUCHE Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh36:22
15Rhys ROBOTHAM ITM36:57
16Joe SWALE C Brown Builders-Olphert Contracting37:33
17Kiaan WATTS Team Skoda Fruzio40:15
18Ruben EGGENBERG Vet4Farm40:16
19Jayden KUIJPERS Team Skoda Fruzio41:27
20Ari SCOTT Team Skoda Fruzio42:18
21Felix DONNELLY Business South43:17
22Samuel MILLER Support Clean Sport43:51
23Madi HARTLEY-BROWN Coupland’s Bakeries47:17
24Cathal GUINEY Petrotec-Blackmax52:57
25Paul WRIGHT Central Benchmakers-Willbike53:58
26Dylan SIMPSON Base Solutions Racing-WCNI54:10
27Henry LEVETT Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh55:35
28Timothy HARVEY Velofit Australia58:43
29Hamish KEAST Placemakers1:00:49
30Oliver STENNING SiS-Santini-WA1:01:04
31Liam CAPPEL Coupland’s Bakeries1:02:20
32Bryce LANIGAN Velofit Australia1:02:38
33George JACKSON ITM1:02:54
34Matthew HARVEY Velofit Australia1:04:57
35Michael HARRIS ITM1:16:48
36Carne GROUBE Base Solutions Racing-WCNI1:20:36
37Hugo JONES Business South1:25:18
38Andrew POINTON Talbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo1:26:06
39Samuel RITCHIE Talbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo1:27:11
40Griffyn SPENCER Business South1:31:24
41Joshua SCOTT Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh1:34:51
42Lachlan ROBERTSON SiS-Santini-WA1:39:19

Team classification:

2Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel15:30
4Team Skoda Fruzio22:00
6Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh48:49
7Base Solutions Racing-WCNI49:45
8Central Benchmakers-Willbike1:12:51
9Coupland’s Bakeries1:18:36
11Business South1:21:22
13Velofit Australia1:54:11
15C Brown Builders-Olphert Contracting2:18:06
16Support Clean Sport2:45:38
17Talbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo3:10:26
18HR Building5:16:19


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