Sophia - Thermal Long Sleeve Cycle Jersey

With winter here the opportunity to get out on the bike and onto the road is highly influenced by having the right clothing.  In this review, Marion Wright got to grips with the Diana Women’s Cycle Bib Shorts and Sophia Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey to see how they would aide the winter season’s training.


Sophia – Thermal Long Sleeve Cycle Jersey

Silversky boasts that the Sophia thermal long sleeve jersey is eye catching, comfortable, multi-seasonal and beautifully finished. I certainly agree with 3 of the 4 descriptions. 

The jersey is a bright and attractive piece of apparel, one I feel quite good wearing, even with an extra-spring-in-my-step level of confidence. It is also very comfortable, although quite warm, if not hot to wear. 

Being slightly fleecy on the inside, I had to wait until the days cooled off before I felt like it was necessary to wear it; certainly giving more of a winter appeal.  In my opinion, it is a jersey for the cold rather than being multi-seasonal. 

The Sophia is also made really nicely, I do like quality and the fabric, stitching, and zippers are really well done. The design includes 3 deep pockets and a neat little zip pocket to keep your valuables secure.

If I have to pick on any flaws then there is the lack of reflectivity incorporated into the design.  Although the jersey is bright and eye catching, some additional reflective strips would add to the safety factor. 

The other factor to consider is the sizing, this product is made small. Silversky do advise the shopper to consult the sizing information before ordering, and to their credit, they will assist in the replacement if the wrong size has been purchased. Notice that the model is wearing a large, and she looks fit. I also ordered a large, but I had to upsize considerably. The 2XL fitted much better, although still quite tight on me. 

Overall I’m very happy with this jersey. I’m very comfortable, warm on the cold mornings, I look good, and it is great value for money. 

To find out more about the Sophia – Thermal Long Sleeve Cycle Jersey click here.

Diana – Women’s Cycle Bib Shorts

Diana – Women’s Cycle Bib Shorts

The Diana bib shorts are attractive, comfortable and of good quality.  There are certain features I really liked including the comfortable chamois, the wide grip keeping the short from riding up; and the support within the fabric.  All of which added to a comfortable riding experience, so much so that my mind wandered and I often forgot that I’m reviewing the shorts. In other words, there wasn’t anything irritating, scratchy or pinching about them.

On first impressions however, I mistakenly thought that there was a manufacturing error with the sample sent to me as the straps come up the centre of the chest before diverging over the shoulders and down the back. I found this design a little odd, although I understand that the functionality of the design is to accommodate all bust sizes.  It was a style I wasn’t familiar with but could adjust to. 

These bib shorts are classified as multi-seasonal but team well with leg warmers in the winter.  Please note that these shorts are short/mid thigh length and your leg warmers will need to come up over and beyond your knee to cover up and keep warm. 

Also, the sizing is small. Definitely check with the sizing chart before ordering your shorts. 

All in all these are great value for money and a good investment in cycling apparel. 

To find out more about the Diana – Women’s Bib Shorts click here.


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