The Phew Early Winter Glove is a great combination of comfort, warmth and a snug fit, photo provided

What do you look for in a pair of winter cycling gloves?  Warmth?  Comfort?  Tight fit?  Flexibility?  All of these we encountered as we were mightily impressed by the Early Winter Windster Cycling Gloves from Phew.

Doubtless you know the feeling.  At some point in your cycling history you have had that moment where you’ve finally screeched to a halt at your destination and then had to spend a rather uncomfortable 5-10mins trying to get the pain out of your hands.  You left our gloves at home, or didn’t even have a pair to begin with, and were given such a nasty shock by the perishing cold that your knuckles were bright red in places and you were caught wondering if this is what frostbite feels like.  You then resolved to purchase a pair of gloves, but naivety is a terrible thing, and though you wore them for your next ride; you still found yourself with hands clasped together, begging your warm breath to lend just a little assistance to ease the agony of perpetually cold fingers.

Well, I might just have stumbled over something here.  Phew’s Early Winter Windster Cycling Gloves are quite brilliant.  Based in the lower West Midlands of the UK, Phew have a small but growing range of cycle-specific products, with their Early Winter Gloves being the particular items we got to try out.

The first thing to note is that they do fit very snuggly on the hands; and they’re meant to.  Would it be an awful cliche to say that they fit me like a glove?  Well it’s true.  They felt tight, but not too tight, I wore a large pair of gloves, but could’ve probably fit an XL just as nicely.  The team at Phew say, ‘the gloves are designed to be a close fit for optimal bike handling’.  They succeed on all accounts.  Yes the gloves are tight, but yes they allow complete movement and do not compromise the ability to grip the handlebars or change gears.

Phew Early Winter Glove front photo provided

From there attention then turns to their primary function as winter cycling gloves.  They say early winter, but from what I experienced in trying them out I wouldn’t mind taking them out mid-winter and seeing how they handle the elements.  My hands were absolutely 100% fine for the duration of the try out.  I was curious to whether sweat build up would then pool and cool inside my gloves but that didn’t happen at all.  The fact that there is also a ‘Super long cuff area’ means that there isn’t that awkward cold spot on the wrist either.  Where the glove ends the jacket sleeves/arm warmers begin; with a little overlap just to make sure.

A word must be said for the grip too.  This I was impressed with.  As someone who has a Fitbit and likes to monitor progress during my workouts it’s wonderful that I now have a pair of gloves that have firm grip on them, meaning I’m not trying to swipe across the screen on my wrist endlessly when my hands are particularly warm, but neither is the material on the gloves so soft that it takes me a few attempts there either.  The grip is solid, thanks to the ‘sticky silicone grip on palm, thumb and shifting fingers’.

All in all a brilliant pair of winter cycling gloves.  Phew advise that they are ideal in 3-12 degree celsius temperatures.  They retail at 24.99 sterling ($45.61 NZ) and for more information you can check out the Phew website.


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