While the Best jersey shouted cool design, the Cruise II is a subtle yet very considerate piece of clothing, photo Silversky Smart Bike Wear

We took the chance to try out the Cruise II – Men’s Cycle Bib Short from the team at Silversky Smart Bike Wear.  Our experience with their Best – Short Sleeve jersey had certainly left us with high expectations.  But while the jersey was a loud and proud statement of coolness, the shorts were a much calmer but no less thought through statement of comfort.

First thing to raise our eyebrows was the design; but in a way that was completely different to the jersey.  The Best – Short Sleeved jersey offered us a loud but stylish statement, an item of clothing that was just asking to be shown off.  It was cool, it was blatant, it was the right mix of pattern and colour.  The Cruise II bib shorts are different, in a good way.

Bib shorts are generally more subtle in their design and the Cruise II fits that bill, but it’s in the strapping that you can see that they’ve certainly put thought in.  The lycra-blend fabric twin stretch straps go out of their way to be discreet.  I’ve worn bib shorts that have seemed too hugging of the torso, and the Cruise II makes every effort to be as basically unnoticed for a rider’s top half as possible.  In the heat of summer then it provides great reassurance that you’re not almost wearing two layers on top along with your jersey.

The Cruise II is very comfortable, secure without being overly-tight and also had perfect flexibility, photo Silversky Smart Bike Wear

By contrast, the shorts themselves were a comfortable and not-overly-tight fit.  If anything, I prefer shorts that are almost teetering over the edge of being too tight but not quite, and for me the Cruise II was a perfect fit.  The shorts fit securely, but had perfect flexibility, while the NT-RACE ADV race pad was comfortable and generated no complaints in the saddle!

The shorts do have small reflective strips on the back, but the emphasis is on small.  They are very subtle and from a safety perspective they are certainly more suitable as shorts that would compliment the reflective gear and lights that you’d already have; rather than stand up as an item to replace anything you’ve got in that regard.

Overall, we are very pleased by this well thought through item from Silversky Smart Bike Wear.  You can find out more about the Cruise II – Men’s Cycle Bib Short here.


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