The wind trainer can be seen as the nemesis through the winter, but it can certainly be a pathway to an extremely rewarding and enjoyable process, photo BKOOL

The BKOOL trainer presents itself as the most complete trainer on the market, providing the most realistic sensations of being on the road you can possibly experience from the comfort of your home.  We got to check it out.

First impressions – as they say – are everything, and ours were immediately positive towards the BKOOL from a practical perspective.  It is the perfect combination of small, lightweight and quiet, making for a very convenient training tool; particularly as a family man with training opportunities often outside of family-friendly hours.

But when we first encountered the BKOOL trainer it was its ability to simulate roads virtually anywhere in the world that was most attractive.  The BKOOL is designed to be able to simulate gradients uphill and down of up to 20% . . . it really does.  It’s a rather peculiar sensation sitting on a bike in your living room slogging away up Mont Ventoux.  But the fact that the BKOOL can  genuinely simulate – with full video imagery – climbing the great mountains such as the Ventoux, Alpe d’Huez, the Col de la Madeleine just to name a few, with such accuracy automatically gives my indoor training rides a much greater degree of satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment that I’ve ever otherwise encountered.

One of the other impressive features about the BKOOL is the ability to connect with other users.  The BKOOL enables users to view other rides being ridden at that particular moment, thus exposing riders to a greater array of routes than one might otherwise have been aware of.  There is also the option of ‘Velodrome Games’.  Users can pit their abilities over keirin, sprint, individual pursuit and team pursuit disciplines, against other users.

Overall we were very impressed by the BKOOL trainer.  It is its effectiveness in simulating the road experience that we were most taken by, with the screen displaying heart rate, wattage, revs per minute, distance, speed and – what we appreciated most of all – indication of what was coming next.  The BKOOL trainer displayed not only what gradient we were currently riding but also what the next change in gradient would be and how long it would take for the next change in gradient to take place.

We cannot speak highly enough of the BKOOL and highly recommend it as a valuable training tool for cyclists of all ages and abilities.


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