PowerNet have laid down the early challenge as the SBS Bank Tour of Southland got underway in Invercargill this afternoon.

The opening team time trial prologue around Queens Park was a chance for teams to stretch their legs and test their combinations ahead of a hard week of racing on the Southland bitumen.

PowerNet, who won the tour with Brad Evans in 2015, took out the 4.2km dart around the park with Cambridge’s Alex Heaney installed into the yellow jersey ahead of tomorrow’s 170km opening stage from Invercargill to Lumsden.

“The plan is the same as everyone, to go out and win, to have fun and ride a good race,” Heaney said.

WPC South-Joyride Apparel were second in the prologue, with Placemakers rounding out the podium in third place, while defending champion James Piccoli’s Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel was fifth, just under 10sec down.

Predicted to be one of the teams most capable of challenging Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel, Heaney said there was plenty to like about a PowerNet stable which includes Commonwealth Games mountain biking gold medallist Sam Gaze.

“We are all even, we are all in the form of our lives. We’ve got a bit of everything – we’ve got a climber, we can go good in the sprints, we’ve got a good all round team.”

Wearing the tour leader’s yellow jersey for the opening stage would be a special moment, Heaney said.

“It’s real cool. It’s something that I’m going to treasure for the rest of my life – it might be the first of many, it might be the last one, I don’t know, so I’ll just take it.”

Tomorrow’s opening stage heads away from the SIT Velodrome at 10am and traverses Thornbury, Otautau, Ohai and Nightcaps before travelling through Dipton and Castlerock and finishing in Lumsden at about 2.40pm.

The 62nd SBS Bank Tour of Southland finishes in Invercargill on November 3.


Stage results:

Pos. Team Time
1 Powernet 04:41
2 WPC South-Joyride Apparel 00:04
3 Placemakers 00:05
4 Aardvark Excavators Ltd 00:08
5 Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel 00:09
6 Team Skoda Fruzio 00:10
7 Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh 00:13
8 TotalPOS Solutions 00:15
9 Vet4Farm 00:18
10 ITM 00:18
11 Olphert Contracting 00:19
12 Business South 00:20
13 Velofit-Santic Racing 00:23
14 Finance Now 00:23
15 Adair Craik Accountants 00:23
16 Central Benchmakers-Willbike 00:25
17 Magnesium Pur 00:26
18 Talbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo 00:30


General classification after stage 1:

1 Alex HEANEYPowernet 04:41 (53.81 km/h)
2 Connor BROWNPowernet ST
3 Paul ODLINPowernet ST
4 Sam GAZEPowernet ST
5 Josh KUYSTENPowernet 00:04
6 Brad EVANSWPC South-Joyride Apparel ST
7 Michael VINKWPC South-Joyride Apparel ST
8 Ben CARMENWPC South-Joyride Apparel ST
9 Oliver MARTINWPC South-Joyride Apparel ST
10 Ethan BATTWPC South-Joyride Apparel ST
11 Andrew KINGWPC South-Joyride Apparel ST
12 Matt ZENOVICHPlacemakers 00:05
13 Dylan KENNETTPlacemakers ST
14 Marcus CULEYPlacemakers ST
15 Hamish KEASTPlacemakers ST
16 Morgan SMITHAardvark Excavators Ltd 00:08
17 Nick WHITEAardvark Excavators Ltd ST
18 Jensen PLOWRIGHTAardvark Excavators Ltd ST
19 Dan CROSSAardvark Excavators Ltd ST
20 Ben ANDREWSAardvark Excavators Ltd ST
21 Jesse FEATONBYAardvark Excavators Ltd ST
22 James PICCOLIKia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel 00:09
23 Hamish BONDKia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel ST
24 Ryan CHRISTIANSENKia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel ST
25 Mark O’BRIENKia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel ST
26 Corbin STRONGTeam Skoda Fruzio 00:10
27 Lionel MAWDITTTeam Skoda Fruzio ST
28 Sam MOBBERLEYTeam Skoda Fruzio ST
29 Joel YATESTeam Skoda Fruzio ST
30 Max JONESTeam Skoda Fruzio ST
31 Sascha BONDARENKO-EDWARDSTeam Skoda Fruzio ST
32 James FOUCHECreation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh 00:13
33 Roman VAN UDENCreation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh ST
34 Kees DUYVESTEYNCreation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh ST
35 Guy CARTERCreation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh ST
36 Ioan FULLERTotalPOS Solutions 00:15
37 Alex WESTTotalPOS Solutions ST
38 Scott THOMASTotalPOS Solutions ST
39 Carne GROUBETotalPOS Solutions ST
40 Tristan MARGUETVet4Farm 00:18
41 Liam CAPPELVet4Farm ST
42 Glenn HADENVet4Farm ST
43 Matias FITZWATERVet4Farm ST
44 Alex VOGELVet4Farm ST
49 Julian THOMSONOlphert Contracting 00:19
50 James KRZANICHOlphert Contracting ST
51 Ben OLIVEROlphert Contracting ST
52 Joel WALSHOlphert Contracting ST
53 Kevin GIRKENSKia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel 00:20
54 Tom SEXTONBusiness South ST
55 William GREENBusiness South ST
56 Neil CLEGHORNBusiness South ST
57 Felix DONNELLYBusiness South ST
58 Bryce LANIGANVelofit-Santic Racing 00:23
59 Jacob LANGHAMVelofit-Santic Racing ST
60 Jordan SCHMIDTVelofit-Santic Racing ST
61 Mathew UPTONVelofit-Santic Racing ST
62 Jasper ALBRECHTVelofit-Santic Racing ST
63 Darcy PIROTTAVelofit-Santic Racing ST
64 Brandon CONWAYOlphert Contracting ST
65 Nicholas MAGILLVet4Farm ST
66 Jake MARRYATTFinance Now ST
67 William HODGESFinance Now ST
68 Nathan BELLFinance Now ST
69 Steve NICHOLLSFinance Now ST
70 Reuben SOARESFinance Now ST
71 Antony NALDERAdair Craik Accountants ST
72 Blake SUNDEAdair Craik Accountants ST
73 Oliver YOUNGAdair Craik Accountants ST
74 Burnie MCGRATHAdair Craik Accountants ST
75 Dan FURMINGERAdair Craik Accountants ST
76 Joshua HAGGERTYPlacemakers 00:25
77 Samuel MILLERCentral Benchmakers-Willbike ST
78 Blake TAIT-JONESCentral Benchmakers-Willbike ST
79 Jordan GILMORECentral Benchmakers-Willbike ST
80 Henry QUINNEYCentral Benchmakers-Willbike ST
81 Paul WRIGHTCentral Benchmakers-Willbike ST
82 Maxmillian PRIEWICHMagnesium Pur 00:26
83 Michael VOGELMagnesium Pur ST
84 Corey GREENBERGMagnesium Pur ST
85 Todd SATCHELLMagnesium Pur ST
86 Thomas HUBBARDPlacemakers 00:29
87 Brett GRIEVETalbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo 00:30
88 Calvin STANDRILLTalbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo ST
89 Rinze SCHUURMANSTalbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo ST
90 Luke SHAWTalbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo ST
91 William FINDLAYTalbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo ST
92 Martin RYDERTalbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo ST
93 Josh PAGEBusiness South ST
94 Luke MCDERMOTTCreation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh 00:31
95 Nicholas COSTELLOITM 00:34
96 Justus ERLERAdair Craik Accountants 00:35
97 Ollie JONESPowernet 00:40
98 Travis KANEBusiness South 00:42
99 Andreas BATZEKMagnesium Pur 00:44
100 Tilman STEGERMagnesium Pur ST
101 Daniel RAEOlphert Contracting 00:46
102 Paul DUYNHOVENFinance Now ST
103 Tim CHAPMANCreation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh 00:48
104 Nicholas ROSSTotalPOS Solutions 00:51
105 Ben LUKECentral Benchmakers-Willbike 00:52
106 Campbell PITHIEITM 00:57
107 Cyrus MONKKia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel 01:06
108 Brendan COLETotalPOS Solutions 01:18


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