Mikayla Harvey will bring the U23 national champion's jersey to Mike Greer Homes Womens Cycling in 2017 after time trial victory, photo provided

Mike Greer Homes Women’s Cycling have long enjoyed a healthy, vibrant relationship with the team at Specialized; and that relationship will continue in 2017.  The team will be racing the Specialized Amira models next year, rides that are tailored to the female market.

It’s hard to believe, given that the team have enjoyed so much success, that Mike Greer Homes Women’s Cycling have only been around for a little over two years.  But back before the team was one of the dominant figures on the New Zealand cycling scene, team boss Patrick Harvey had a ‘vision of partnering with the best bike brand in the business’.

“As a family we had ridden Specialized for over 10 years with success in triathlon, Xterra and the road at international and national levels.  The bikes not only performed at the highest level, and looked great but most importantly their build quality is second to none.  With Specialized the rider comes first so their bikes and equipment are made after years of research to bring the best possible product to the rider,” Harvey told RoadCycling.  “So initially when an alternative bike supplier was keen to support our new team idea I chased hard to get Specialized on board, which they did.  I think this in itself shows the importance Specialized places on its rider community – they do their best to support them where they can!”

It’s not just the ride itself that Specialized have provided, it’s the wider input Specialized provide that have been an integral part of the team’s success and development.  “From bikes through to BG bit shoes and involvement in the product reviews, releases, trade shows and demos – all an important part of teaching our development riders the expectations of professionals!”  Patrick said.


The partnership between MGH Women's Cycling and Specialized has been integral in the team's development and success, photo provided
The partnership between MGH Women’s Cycling and Specialized has been integral in the team’s development and success, photo provided


“The bike was important but the awesome S-WORKS Evade and Prevail helmets combined with the S-WORKS road shoes were a match made in heaven and the helmets have saved our bacon a few times!  Obviously the impressive dealer network where our riders had a personal relationship with the bike shop owners was critically important as well – with the team dispersed throughout the country high levels of support was critical.”

In 2017 the S-WORKS Amira will be the team’s machine of choice.  “We had heard how great the Amira was so our expectations where high.  A bike designed ground up for women – how cool is that!”  Patrick said.  

Specialized designed the Amira with two specific edges in mind.  “First, there’s the performance edge you get from its FACT carbon frame and tapered head tube.  The combination results in responsive handling and true get-up-and-go accelerations.  Then comes the psychological edge.  The feeling that, when teamed up with a lightweight, high-performance machine, there’s no limit to what you can achieve together,” a statement on the Specialized website said.

First impressions for the team were good, with the responsive handling and get-up-and-go accelerations being two aspects that the team can definitely affirm.  “On arrival they looked stunning and after the first ride the smiles said it all.  They are a pleasure to ride while at the same time have lightening quick response and literally fly up hills.  The female specific carbon layup and frame geometry and standard features such as semi-compact crank set and shallow drop bars are all part of a package that provides the very best performing race machine there is,” Harvey told us.

“Not a hard decision really for our bike of choice for the team.”

To find out more about Specialized and their range of products click here.


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