Hayden McCormick and James Oram will be looking for new teams after the conclusion of the 2018 season.  ONE Pro Cycling have announced that they will not be running a men’s UCI Continental Team in the 2019 season.


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ONE Pro Cycling over the years has been the home team of Kiwis Hayden McCormick, James Oram and Dion Smith.  They began with the team in a strong place, racing at ProContinental level and providing an array of fantastic racing opportunities among the very best World Tour riders.  

At the end of their first year with the team, ONE Pro Cycling went down to Continental level, but Oram and McCormick stayed with the team; with Dion Smith being signed with Wanty-Groupe Gobert the following season.

James Oram, together with McCormick, is racing the Tour of Britain, photo Trevor Mould @mouldypix

Since then McCormick and Oram have stayed the course with the team, racing in the UK and in Europe.  This year though will be their final outings in ONE Pro Cycling, and currently they are tackling the OVO Energy Tour of Britain.

Unlike Aqua Blue Sport’s demise which is far more complicated in its explanation, ONE Pro Cycling released a statement in which they announced that they would simply be changing focus.

“The team will be focussing efforts on setting up a women’s team to take part in World Tour races,” the statement read.

“We see the opportunity within the women’s side of the sport and this is something that is very exciting.”

“ONE Pro Cycling has always been about effecting positive change in the sport of cycling that goes far beyond winning bike races.  We believe that the greatest opportunity to do this now lies within the women’s side of the sport and our passion and ambition has only increased to make this change of direction a success.”


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