Unfortunately summer is dying and winter is approaching us fast.  Which means the light is almost gone and bad weather is just around the corner.  In these times many of us turn to wind trainer sessions to get away from the dark and the cold.  But how are you spending your time on the wind trainer?  

Replacing what may have been a 1-3h endurance session on the road with the equivalent time on the trainer turning pedals is very tedious and can soon lead to burn out.  Let’s face it, none of us ride a bike to sit on a trainer for hours on end staring at a wall or watching TV.  What if you could spend less time on the trainer but be able to get a bigger reward in fitness gain?

High Intensity Interval Training


Most people have heard of ‘HIIT’ or more commonly High Intensity Interval Training.  The wind trainer presents the perfect opportunity to implement a bit of this type of training and you can get it all knocked off in 60-90min depending on the session you choose to do or the area you’re looking to target.  Wind trainers and Ergs present a great opportunity for targeted structured training in a controlled environment in a short amount of time and you can see real solid results in a short amount of time.

You can complete a range of efforts, from short 5-30s sprints all the way out to long 20min efforts targeting anything from neural muscular power, anaerobic capacity, Vo2 and threshold all by varying the intensity, heart rate or power of the effort.

My favourite go-to training session is a series of 30sec sprints with 30sec recovery repeated 5 times in 4 blocks.  Each of these sprints can also be completed at various cadences depending on what you’re trying to target: strength and force with a low cadence, out right power and speed with a high cadence.  With a 15min warm up and a 5min warm down you can have a session such as this knocked out in under 60min.  You will feel like you have just completed a race and in a few weeks of doing a session like this minimum 2x a week you will see huge benefits and changes to your riding and you’ll get much more benefit than just sitting on the trainer turning pedals at a low intensity for 1-3+hours.

If you’re not already getting coached, talk to a coach or get in touch with us at GMC Coaching about how you could get the most out of time-crunched training on a home trainer.  They will have plenty of great ideas.


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