Catch up with RoadCycling’s coverage of the hour record attempt by Jaime Nielsen at the Avantidrome in Cambridge.  The event is taking place in support of Maungatautari.



We just had a catch up with Jaime to ask her about the ride.  Her first words were that she’s glad it’s over!  That wraps up a very memorable hour of riding here at the Avantidrome.  We will have our full report, including a post-ride interview and video highlights coming right up so stay tuned.  Until next time!



47.791km.  It’s the first New Zealand women’s hour record and the breaking of the world sea level hour record!



And she’s done it!  Jaime Nielsen has smashed the world sea level hour record!  We will wait for the official distance.



The pain is showing as she passes 46km.  Just 880m to the sea level world record!  2 minutes to do it!



3 and a half minutes left to ride.  Come on Jaime!



Jaime has shifted in the saddle just slightly for surely the first time in the whole attempt!



5 minutes to go, 47.744kph.  This is certainly something special!



6 minutes remain.  The average speed is still so high!  47.744kph, Nielsen is going to smash the sea level hour record!



The crowd need to give her all the support at this point, the hurt is starting to tell on her face, but her technique is still pretty sublime.  47.735kph after 165 laps.



Less than 10 minutes to go!



We’re heading to 48 minutes, the average speed is sitting at 47.746kph.  For those enjoying the imperial measurement that’s 29.668 miles per hour.



This is something very impressive from Nielsen.  Remember Evelyn Stevens’ hour record of 47.980km was set at altitude.  This is in the rather rain soaked plains of Cambridge!  No wonder she’s a three-time national time trial champion, her pace is still holding at the 47.753kph mark.

The image of Jaime Nielsen wearing the National Champion’s skinsuit will be back in 2017 after her third time trial victory, photo Blair Hall /



A great performance by Nielsen as she heads towards 44 minutes covered.  Average speed 47.748kph.  34.75km covered.



The tension’s pretty unbearable!  Nielsen is creeping up on that 47.980km of Evelyn Stevens.  If Jaime succeeds in breaking the official hour record, it will not be recorded as a UCI world hour record, but it will certainly be a world best.  Still the average speed creeps upwards.  41.20mins covered.



The pace is continuing to rise from Jaime but has she gone out too fast or will there be something left in reserve?  46.685kph as she goes through 30km.




If anyone is wanting to know just how quick Nielsen is lapping through at the moment, with 36 mins covered she’s going through in just about 18.6 seconds.  The average speed is really pushing Bridie O’Donnell’s 46.880km. 



Nielsen’s speed is lifting again and so is the crowd watching.  47.593kph, we are at 34 mins covered so far.  Still the upper body is just about motionless.



At 30 minutes Nielsen has just gone through 95 laps, 23.750km, an average speed of 47.556kph.



Great to see Jim McMurray here in attendance watching on as history is being made.  Of course Jim made a bit of hour record history himself, setting a masters 55-59 hour record of 47.733km.

Jim McMurray was one of those to come away with silverware from the World Masters Games individual time trial, photo Bob’s Bikes



When Jaime spoke to us earlier in the week she said that one of the things she is hoping to get out of it is interest from a number of other riders to take on the attempt.  But so far she is setting a pretty ferocious speed.  Her pace is just stabilising at 47.515kph.



20 mins covered, the average speed is 47.604kph!



Jaime’s technique is basically flawless.  Mastered by her years on the track with the team pursuit squad and as an individual pursuit rider, her upper body is completely still, all the effort going into the pedals.

The Kiwi quartet of Jaime Nielsen, Rushlee Buchanan, Racquel Sheath and Michaela Drummond will ride for bronze in Hong Kong, photo Dianne Manson



We are over 15 minutes into the ride and Jaime is looking very strong at this point.  Her average speed is up again to 47.581km.  Keep this up and she will be knocking on the door of the UCI world hour record currently set by Evelyn Stevens who did 47.980km.



33 laps down, 8.25km covered and the average speed is high.  47.464kph the average speed so far.  Come on Jaime!



The voice of cycling, Mr Del Woodford is here and calling the event tonight.  When we caught up with Del he thought that we could be in for something special tonight.



We are 7 minutes into the hour record attempt and Jaime’s average speed is sitting at 47.281kph.  She is currently up on Bridie O’Donnell’s time and looking very comfortable as she hugs that black line on the track.  



This attempt from Nielsen is the first by a New Zealand female athlete so tonight she will be setting a new New Zealand record.  However Nielsen is also looking to break the sea level world record set by Bridie O’Donnell of Australia.  Her hour record attempt set in Adelaide was a then outright hour record of 46.882km.



Earlier this week we had the pleasure of chatting to Jaime about her upcoming attempt and what her targets were.  You can check out our interview with her here.



We are underway!  Jaime is quickly settled into a good steady rhythm and averaging 46.256kph after the first 2.5km.


Jaime Nielsen will take on the task of the hour record in Cambridge on 21st July, photo Eugene Bonthuys


Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the NZ hour record attempt to be tackled by Jaime Nielsen.  Nielsen will be taking on the 60 minute effort in support of the Maungatautari Trust.  


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