The KitBrix cycle is an impressively versatile companion to an individual or team, photo KitBrix

We live in an age where options for clever kit storage abound.  From team kit bags to individual kit bags, soccer to swimming to cycling and just about everything in between.  There’s so much about but we really kinda like what Kitbrix have brought to the table with an impressively versatile offering to suit sportspeople of all kinds.

The caption that accompanies Kitbrix is ‘no fuss, just organised kit’ but in all of the best ways they seem to have put a lot of fuss into the Kitbrix Cycle.  First off it’s not, strictly speaking, a commuter bag; but then it doesn’t rule out that option.  The external zip provides the option to attach other Kitbrix bags to it and there are a few options in that regard that range from the KitBrix Run to the KitBrix Medical, the KitBrix OCR and KitBrix Swim.

But because these bags come with the external zip, KitBrix have provided the option of making it a proper team bag, with the two, three or more bags made into one forming a great compartmental effect.  A bag which can be a kit bag, commuter bag or team bag(s).  We are off to a good start.

And what can we tell you about these compartments?  Well, to start with externally there are five pockets that range in function – 2 larger, 2 medium and 1 small pocket on the width wall of the bag.  On the top of the bag a small ID slot is available, a discreet and handy accessory.  

Inside three wall pockets are more spacious than one might expect and provide a neat security conscious feel to the bag; whilst also making you feel like wallet, phone, keys, books, energy gels, food and small items will not tumble awkwardly with clothes of which there can fit plenty in the main section; including but not limited to bike shoes, helmet, bib shorts, jersey, jacket etc with enough room for a laptop to nestle on top.

Possibly the most impressive thing for me is that the bag is sturdy, sizeable but strong.  The tarpaulin-esque material renders the KitBrix highly water-resistant and provides a strong sense of toughness.  And though the KitBrix is very sturdy it is also very light, a great plus in our book.  It’s not hard to see why the KitBrix is the official luggage and transition supplier to British Triathlon.

All in all when a kit bag can combine strength with space with security with style with versatility it can’t help but get a big tick from us.  KitBrix we thank you.

Size: 39cm x 24cm x 24cm

To find out more about the KitBrix Cycle click here.


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