Holly Edmondston continued to build on New Zealand’s fine medal tally at their home World Cup, taking the win in the women’s 10km scratch race ahead of Olga Zabelinskaya of Uzbekistan and Lydia Gurley of Ireland.

The 40 lap, 10km women’s scratch race saw Holly Edmondston and Ally Wollaston line up in a 22-strong field, with Edmonston for New Zealand and Wollaston for Subway New Zealand.  Unlike the Madison earlier in the evening that saw attacks a little more reluctant, the scratch race launched into life very quickly.

Catalina Soto Campos made a powerful early move to get things off to a strong start from virtually the first lap with Holly Edmondston and Subway New Zealand’s Ally Wollaston playing a conservative game along with the rest of the field in the initial stages.  After the Chilean solo attacker was brought back the race began to settle but Edmondston took it upon herself to pay close attention to the goings on at the front of the race.

Wollaston played a good quiet race initially, a rider with plenty to offer at such a young age and racing with a real maturity early on in her career.  What began to look like a potential bunch sprint day out exploded into life with a three-way move from Ukrainian Oksana Kliachina, Soto Campos and Anita Stenberg of Norway making a move on the run in to halfway.  While that move was ultimately unsuccessful the next move from Olga Zabelinskaya of Uzbekistan threatened a little more, as she drew Holly Edmondston along with her as well as the likes of the USA’s Jennifer Valente in a small group.

These slighter attacks began to lure a bit more aggression out from the field, and there began to build a sense that something might snap as they moved towards ten laps to go.  A big move Pang Yao of Hong Kong was that moment as she went on the attack, again drawing Edmondston with Zabelinskaya and Ireland’s Lydia Gurley.  The delayed reaction from the rest of the field was exactly the ticket the leading quartet needed to seize their chance.  They worked hard together and succeeded in gaining a lap with five laps remaining.  Edmondston quickly made her way forward along with Gurley; trying to position herself for the final sprint.

The chaotic finale saw the breakaway riders in the middle of the mess of the peloton struggle to make their way through; but Holly Edmondston was able to weave her way through a number of riders to position herself about midway through the pack as at the front of the peloton Ally Wollaston kept herself in contention for the final kick to the line.

In the end Edmondston managed to remain ahead of her breakaway companions and take the scratch race crown ahead of Olga Zabelinskaya and Ireland’s Gurley.  A lap behind the four front runners, Jennifer Valente came fifth behind Pang Yao with Ally Wollaston sixth.

Photo: Guy Swarbrick


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