Alex Ray and Roman van Uden at the Criterium National Championships in Takapuna 2018, photo Ed Wright /

Alex Ray has made significant progress in his recovery following a crash in Auckland that saw him hospitalised and placed in an induced coma.  Ray is now able to breathe on his own and has been moved out of the Critical Care ward.

It is great news to hear the progress made by Alex Ray as he continues his fight to recovery following an early morning training crash that brought him down with serious injuries shortly after 6am on Wednesday last week.  The accident took place after a car turned across Alex’s path at an intersection.  Although the car was in a position where it had to give way to Alex, poor visibility just before sunrise meant that the car was unable to see him.  That, coupled with the fact that Alex was riding downhill resulted in the impact.

The accident saw him come away with multiple broken bones, a punctured lung, as well as severe head trauma.  He was unconscious and placed in an induced coma at Auckland City Hospital where doctors tried to help him recover.

Thankfully, although progress had been slow, significant steps forward have now been made and we received a very welcome update from Roman van Uden of Ray’s current condition.  “Alex no longer requires the ventilator and is breathing on his own. He is moving out of the Critical Care ward and into the Neurologial ward,” van Uden said. 

“He is becoming very active in his arms and making more accurate movements in his fingers, grabbing at his feeding tubes and chest monitors. His eyes are starting to focus much more and remain open for extended periods. A physio has begun assessment for future rehab but also begun stretching his muscles as he had been stationary for so long.” 

Roman also praised the help and support that have come through the wider cycling community; who have responded very positively with support for Roman and his family.  “Friends and family have been charging through his room every day. The cycling community has been amazing with coffee vouchers, free parking spaces provided for the family, baked good dropped in for visitors,” he said.


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