The sprint team in the upper echelons of Cycling New Zealand is transforming.  Evolving might be an appropriate word, with Matt Archibald now retired, and Simon van Velthooven now lending his vast array of skills to life on the boat rather than the bike.  Into the mix for this year’s worlds then comes Zac Williams to a team more competitive than ever.

What happens when figureheads of any team who have been around for a number of years – and been so influential to a sport – step aside?  In the Cycling New Zealand sprint programme the result has been that competition for places has increased all the more, and it’s Zac Williams who has come out of the rising generation to stake his claim for a world championship place; and gotten the nod.

It’s been a long time in coming for Zac Williams, or at least it feels like it!  Incredibly he’s still just 21 years of age although he has very much been on the radar as the next big thing to hit the track.  As far as he’s concerned this is very much a breakthrough year for him, with his last world championship appearance being at junior level back in 2013.

Zac will be tackling the kilo time trial, the event he won at the Elite Track National Championships earlier in this year; where he took gold by almost 0.3 seconds ahead of Eddie Dawkins. 


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