Sam Webster has knocked Eddie Dawkins out of the individual sprint competition.  The Kiwi pair were pitted up against each other with Webster going through; and Dawkins then being knocked out of the repechage.

In the 1/16 finals Eddie Dawkins and Sam Webster would go head-to-head against each other; having qualified as 9th-10th fastest.  They would be the last to start their heat, but first Maximilian Levy and new Olympic Record holder Jason Kenny battled for a spot in the 1/8 finals.  Kenny was second initially but came through to take the win comfortably.  It was the same story in the second heat as Callum Skinner easily disposed of Australian Patrick Constable.

Australian Matthew Glaetzer disposed of Fabian Hernando Puerto Zapata of Colombia.  Denis Dmitriev had to come from behind, having led initially to win his round against Poland’s Rafal Sarnecki.  Gregory Bauge of France went up against Pavel Kelemen of Czech Republic.  He led from the front and easily disposed of his Czech rival.

Trinidad and Tobago’s Njisane Phillip and Xho Chao of China were next up.  The popular Trinidad and Tobago rider, who was so delighted with his qualifying time took second wheel initially, but Chao had the better of him and though Phillip closed the gap he eventually sat up as Chao took the match.  Joachim Eilers of Germany took on Poland’s Damien Zielinski next and won in a tight battle after drawing up alongside the Pole in the final bend.

Francois Pervis of France was a surprise exit to Jeffrey Hoogland of the Netherlands.  The Dutchman led from the front and put too much distance between him and Pervis; leaving the team sprint bronze medallist with too much to do.

Finally Sam Webster and Eddie Dawkins went head to head in the final sprint round.  The match was a fast one with Webster keen to get the front.  Dawkins hit for home but Webster was charging and though Dawkins came close Webster had done just enough to take the win and advance.

Dawkins would now be forced to go through the repechage if he hoped to advance. To advance he would have to beat Maximilian Levy of Germany and Njisane Phillip.  Dawkins started in the middle and sat second wheel behind Phillip.  He allowed Levy to come through around the bend of the first lap and had his work to do as they hit the bell.  But he passed Phillip quickly on the last lap and nearly go the better of the Trinidad and Tobago rider; but the German had done just enough to hold him off, and Dawkins was out.

In the second repechage Australian Patrick Constable hit the front around the back straight of the second lap and stayed there to win the second repechage.  While the third repechage saw Francois Pervis hit the front straight away in a bid to advance.  But he was quickly countered by his Polish and Colombian rivals and in the end it was Colombia’s Fabian Zapata who went through.


Photo:  Sirotti


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