Criterium Nationals are always a visual cycling treat as we get to see some of cycling’s best going around and around Takapuna’s short circuit that doesn’t fail to bring some really epic racing.  There’s heaps to play for and only one rider from last year’s podium in either men’s or women’s race present.

Who’s going to win Criterium Nationals?  It’s a bit of a lottery really, but there are some definite stand out possible candidates.  We’ve attempted to wrap them up in a few quick minutes.  But we do have to say something special about Mike Northey.  While the rest of last year’s podium absentees are not racing somewhat by choice, Northey is absent out of necessity; with permanent damage done to his heart forcing him into a far-to-early retirement.

Southland arrivals in Takapuna can be considered as potential favourites; provided they have recovered well enough.  Olympic national team riders can be considered as potential favourites; provided they’ve gotten back into training and preparation early enough to be in good condition.  But maybe the ones to have flown under the radar will be some of the track riders getting ready for Oceania next month; keep an eye out for them.

Stay tuned for coverage from this weekend’s Criterium Nationals here at RoadCycling; home of Kiwi Cycling News.


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