It’s that time of year again, and it’s actually one of the favourite things we get to do every year. Vote for your 2019 Concept78 Unsung Hero!

The wonderful team at Summer Glow have again come on board to get behind one very special person, as nominated by you, who has flown under the radar. We want to recognise someone – parent, coach, mechanic, physio, rider, fan, photographer – who has been championing our sport and asking for nothing in return.

Who are the heroes we never see? Who are the stars that are hidden? Who are the legends of our sport who don’t get the headlines? Vote for them in the comments box below or on our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram posts and let’s make someone’s Christmas-New Year a memorable one.

Our previous winners have been an eclectic mix of individuals who represent different areas of our sport:

2016: John Rippon. A champion of our young riders and their development on the international scene.

2017: Jake Rowse and Richard Scott. Organisers of the Calder Stewart Series that has been a leader in elite racing in the South Island.

2018: Danielle Ward. Behind the lens of Concept78 Photography, capturing the moments that make cycling the most beautiful sport in the world.

2019: . . . .


  1. Darran Humpheson, the awesome Man behind the team at Canterbury Time Trial Association. CTTA has only been round for 5 years and was the top club at 2016 and 2019 AGRN. Darran has worked tirelessly to create a positive encouraging club that welcomes all and values everyone’s contribution from young juniors to masters and several World Champions like Laurence Pithie and Bailey O’Donnell.

  2. Brad Tilby & Scott Fairbarn,

    It goes without saying really, just have a look at which riders are leading New Zealand on the international racing circuit, no doubt Brad and Scott have had something to do with getting them there. With low input from the national body, it means Brad, Scott and Team Skoda Fruzio are taking the bull by the horns in terms of Junior Development, these guys are vital to NZs juniors coming through and moving to the top level.


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