The Trust House North Island Series is back for 2017.  The five-round series will return to the roads of the Wairarapa starting 17th September with races for Open & U23, masters and potentially a women’s category this year as well.

Times are a changing in the Trust House North Island Series 2017.  Out are the infamous clim of Admiral Hill, as well as the Carrington, Martinborough and Masterton circuits.  But in their place come three new locations in Ngawi, Rangitumau Valley and Tora.  With a mountain top finish in race 4 and a nasty gravel section in race 3, the series is set to challenge all comers from first timers to former champions.

The first round of the series will kick off with a 12km team time trial before the 60-90km Gladstone circuit, with distances differing according to category.  Race 2 sees Martinborough play host to racing that will take riders as far as the coastal village of Ngawi before returning to Martinborough.  Martinborough again plays host to round 3 but this time goes towards Tora and up a 5km ascent as well as a 2km gravel section en route to the finish.

The ‘Queen Stage’ of the series will take the riders on an 82.4km-130km trek to the summit finish of the race up Rangitumau Hill.  But there’s plenty of climbing to tackle prior to the finish climb on a day that contains precious little flat roads at all; so get set for quite a challenge.

Round 5 and the grand finale of the race will take the field on an out-and-back route from Masterton.  Another challenging course will see the riders take on a short but sharp uphill finish as well as the very rolling course to the line.  It’s a series that has something for everyone and will certainly challenge everyone on the day.

Jorge Sandoval and the organising team are looking forward to welcoming the different categories, and they hope to welcome a women’s category to the series this year.  In order for a women’s series at this year’s Trust House North Island Series there need to be more than 25 women’s entries in teams or individuals.

The dates of the 2017 Trust House North Island Series are below:

Race 1: Sun 17th September

Race 2: Sun 15th October

Race 3: Sun 29th October

Race 4: Sat 11th November

Race 5: Sun 3rd December

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