One is a young man in his journey in top flight world cycling.  Another is a seasoned veteran and 5 time world champion.  Here Hayden McCormick and Jim McMurray give their top training principles that they hold to regardless of what type of ride they’re out on.


Hayden McCormick
  1. Always take at least one tube, a pump and an allen key set.  Having to be picked up can make you miss a key training session.

2.  Eat according to your training.  Some days you need plenty of fuel other days not so much

3.  Know the purpose of your training and what you’re getting out of it.  And trust your coach that they know what they’re doing.

4.  Recovery is as important as training.

Jim McMurray knows a thing or two about training principles that work, with 5 world titles going his way, photo Bob’s Bikes
Jim McMurray

1.  Every ride must have a purpose: even if it’s a tempo recovery ride, you should know the reason or the plan for the ride before you head out

2.  More.  Do what others can’t or won’t do

3.  Preparation & planning.  Set the goal, work out the plan to achieve it, then go out and do it,

4.  There is NO state of over trained.  There is only a state of under prepped

5.  Haters are going to Hate

Dreamers are going to Dream

Cheaters are going to Cheat

Winners are going to   ????

Work out which one you want to be,  and do something about it.


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