Tineli are one of the best known and loved brands when it comes to cycling clothing in New Zealand; with influence for all to see with even just a look at everything from your typical bunch ride at the weekend to New Zealand’s elite riders competing on our shores and overseas.  Next weekend the team at Tineli will be returning to the NZ Bike Expo 2018; bringing not only their vast retail catalogue, but also their custom clothing operation.

The team at the NZ Bike Expo are delighted to welcome back Tineli to the event this year.  The Air Force Museum of New Zealand will be hosting the 2-day event that dubs itself as one big cycling party.  And in the middle of this big cycling party is one of New Zealand’s foremost cycling brands.  Tineli are a staple for many riders when it comes to cycling clothing, with their mission being to provide world class custom and retail clothing.

Founded by Tim and Sandy Vincent, Tineli was born out of frustration over lack of quality in custom kit; and now the brand answers that need for Kiwis up and down the country.

In 2017 Tineli took the risk of trying something new in the inaugural NZ Bike Expo and it was a resounding success that made returning to the Expo in 2018 easy.  For Tineli, the NZ Bike Expo provided a good platform to show what was going on, showing off their clothing that can be found in bike shops all over the country; but also being able to present a more intimate look at their custom clothing set up.

This year get set not only to see Tineli’s spring-summer collection, but also to witness the custom clothing side of their operation in action.  At the Tineli exhibit you will be able to check out their fully fledged design studio with one of the team designers on the ground, meeting clients and showing the design process right up front; bringing to life how the custom clothing process is done right in the middle of the NZ Bike Expo.

Check out our full interview with Tom Haltmeier above.

The NZ Bike Expo will be held from 13th-14th October at the Air Force Museum of New Zealand in Christchurch.  Over 2 days the purpose of the Expo will be to celebrate everything to do with the bicycle in one big party.  To find out more about the NZ Bike Expo click here.


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