Aaron Strong and Toni Strong are at the helm of Steelsprings Performance Coaching, an outfit that can offer everything from bike fit to skills sessions to consultations all the way through to personalised coaching.  The team have become a formidable partnership and have coached some of the country’s finest.  Their focus is on providing customised coaching services that will suit the goals, abilities and time constraints of their riders.

They utilise a holistic approach to coaching coupled with making use of the latest in sport science to ensure that riders are training smarter rather than just longer.  Time is precious, so rather than training aimlessly Aaron and Toni will ensure that what time you spend on the bike is optimised so that whether you are a rider just starting out, an experienced veteran who has plateaued in fitness or a growing talent looking to take the next step; you can make progress and go from strength to strength with Steelsprings Performance Coaching.


Articles by Steelsprings Performance Coaching:

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