Specialized have been busy, through their partnership with Retül, changing their philosophy towards product development.  What they have sought to do is provide experiences on a bike which cater more for rider style as opposed to rider gender.  Specialized are therefore proud to introduce their new Specialized Tarmac and Specialized EPIC bikes.

The Tarmac and EPIC are two brand new ‘Rider First Engineered’ machines, designed for both men and women to be able to enjoy the experience that they are looking for regardless of gender.  These are bikes that are part of bike families for both men and women.  No longer are Specialized about just a ‘men’s model’ or ‘women’s model’.


S-WORKS Tarmac


The Tarmac is all about being lighter, faster and better at handling than anything else.  Its 733g weight in 56cm size is a full 200g saving from the previous Rider First Engineered Tarmac.  Crucially the saving of the weight doesn’t come at the expense of the frame’s handling or the bike’s aerodynamic performance.  That’s thanks to the most precisely sized mandrels Specialized have ever made which have ensured that ply placement is extremely precise, and they have pleated larger plies so when expanded in molding, what results is the smallest ply overlaps without gaps being created.

Wind tunnel testing found the new Tarmac to be a full 45 seconds faster over 40km compared to other lightweight machines in the same weight category.  The Tarmac also possesses three individually tuned forks that feature a truncated airfoil and vary depending on their stiffness requirements

“Dropped” seatstays on the Tarmac align the bike with other competitive road bikes in the Specialized family.  This feature now also occurs in the Venge ViAS, Allez and Allez Sprint, as well as the Roubaix.  This results in increased rear end responsiveness and compliance as well as improved aerodynamics.  The addition of a D-Shapred truncated airfoil seatpost has also significantly improved aerodynamic performance and comfort.

The all new Tarmac will begin landing in September.



Stepping off-road to the Specialized EPIC, the new model, which continues to champion victories at the highest level of the sport, features a redesigned, ultra-lightweight frame, a completely new Brain rear shock – engineered to read terrain for the most efficient ride – on top of confidence-inspiring geometry.

The EPIC frame saves up to 525g of weight without compromising stiffness.  The bike is also smarter thanks to the newly designed Brain 2.0 which sits close to the rear axle for improved bump responsiveness.  There’s also a new layout and oil flow path for more consistent damping control and bump performance.  

Longer reach, a custom fork offset and slacker head tube all combine to create a much improved handling package.  This combines to install a greater confidence in stability whether climbing or descending.

Expect to see the all new EPIC as early as this month in stores.


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