Hamish Schreurs is excited - and if he's honest, just a little star struck - about joining Etixx-Quick Step as a stagiaire, photo provided

We were delighted to hear that Hamish Schreurs had received the call up to move from development squad at Klein Constantia to a stagiaire at Etixx-Quick Step.  It was well deserved and hard-earned, with the New Zealand U23 road race champion lining up at the RideLondon Classic this weekend.  We spoke to Schreurs the stagiaire prior to the race about his major step up.

The news that Hamish was stepping up as a stagiaire in the same team that boasts the likes of Daniel Martin, Tony Martin, Niki Terpstra, Julian Alaphilippe and of course Tom Boonen, was greeted warmly by just about anyone who knows Hamish Schreurs and the talent he has.  It’s a huge result for the 22 year old and he knew it.  “It means I get to ride for the for the pro team, get to know a few of the guys, do a few races with them and show what I have to them,” Hamish said.

His first outing was at the RideLondon Classic, and while teammate Tom Boonen won his second RideLondon Classic the day ended prematurely for Schreurs.  After doing his job, the attack from Geraint Thomas finally proved too much.  “My job was simple ride on the front till I couldn’t, I was on the with one other Sky rider bringing back the break from 5min to nothing,” Schreurs told us.  “It wasn’t an easy thing to control but we did it. I still felt like I have more to giving hoping I could get over the next hill but when G attacked it was over for me.”

We hope and expect that this will be the first of many appearances for the rest of this season in Etixx-Quick Step colours for Schreurs.  The move up has been something that’s been in the pipeline for a little while now.  “I’ve know for a little bit that it would be possible, then I finally got the nod from the team,” Hamish said.

Besides the desire to perform and make sure he cements his status as a natural first team choice, Hamish is also aware of the potential just to get a little bit star struck around the likes of Boonen, Terpstra et al.  “Yeah for sure, at times I don’t know what to say this time,” he said.  “[I’ll usually] be just another fan wanting to talk to them.”

We wish Hamish all the best as he takes his place in the World Tour outfit for the remainder of 2016.


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