Campbell Stewart has won stage 2 of the SBS Bank Tour of Southland ahead of Corbin Strong and Jensen Plowright; taking the overall and U23 lead in the process.

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Stage results:

1Campbell STEWART Base Solutions Racing-WCNI3:26:44 (42.95 km/h)
2Corbin STRONG Team Skoda FruzioST
3Jensen PLOWRIGHT Kia Motors-Ascot Park HotelST
4Ben OLIVER Central Benchmakers-WillbikeST
5William GREEN Business SouthST
7Antonie VAN NOPPEN PowernetST
9Robbie HUCKER Kia Motors-Ascot Park HotelST
10Jordan GILMORE Central Benchmakers-WillbikeST
11Felix DONNELLY Business SouthST
12Sam FOX Petrotec-BlackmaxST
13Blake TAIT-JONES Central Benchmakers-WillbikeST
14James HARVEY PlacemakersST
15Darcy PIROTTA Velofit AustraliaST
16Bas SITTERS Talbot Forest Cheese-UltimoST
17Glenn HADEN Coupland’s BakeriesST
19Sam GUEST Petrotec-BlackmaxST
20Michael VINK PlacemakersST
21Nick WHITE Kia Motors-Ascot Park HotelST
22Reuben THOMPSON Team Skoda FruzioST
23Madi HARTLEY-BROWN Coupland’s BakeriesST
24Niklas TEMPERLI Vet4FarmST
25Ari SCOTT Team Skoda FruzioST
26Ethan BATT PlacemakersST
27Eder FRAYRE Kia Motors-Ascot Park HotelST
28Matthew HARVEY Velofit AustraliaST
29James FOUCHE Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-RicohST
30Bryce LANIGAN Velofit AustraliaST
31Ollie JONES PowernetST
32Cyrus MONK Kia Motors-Ascot Park HotelST
33Adrien MERKT Vet4FarmST
34Chris BUTLER Coupland’s BakeriesST
35Alex HEANEY PowernetST
36Paul ODLIN PowernetST
37Noah BOGLI Vet4FarmST
38Tom SEXTON Business SouthST
39Ioan FULLER Petrotec-BlackmaxST
40Dylan LONGRIDGE Vet4FarmST
41Hamish SCHRUERS PowernetST
42Kees DUYVESTEYN Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-RicohST
44Oliver STENNING SiS-Santini-WAST
45Hugo JONES Business SouthST
46Conor MURTAGH Kia Motors-Ascot Park HotelST
47Jake MARRYATT Support Clean SportST
48Luke MCDERMOTT Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-RicohST
49Elar KALDA SiS-Santini-WAST
50Timothy HARVEY Velofit AustraliaST
51Jordan KERBY Base Solutions Racing-WCNI00:11
52Simon IMBODEN Vet4FarmST
53Henry LEVETT Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-RicohST
54Cathal GUINEY Petrotec-BlackmaxST
55Ben CANNON C Brown Builders-Olphert ContractingST
57Joshua ALDRIDGE C Brown Builders-Olphert ContractingST
58Dylan SIMPSON Base Solutions Racing-WCNIST
59Morgan SMITH HR BuildingST
60Max JONES Base Solutions Racing-WCNIST
61Paul WRIGHT Central Benchmakers-WillbikeST
62Jayden KUIJPERS Team Skoda FruzioST
63Theo GILBERTSON Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-RicohST
64Hamish KEAST Placemakers04:35
65William FINDLAY Petrotec-BlackmaxST
67Joel MACMILLAN Central Benchmakers-WillbikeST
68Tim HENSHAW C Brown Builders-Olphert ContractingST
69Joe SWALE C Brown Builders-Olphert ContractingST
70Daniel BRIDGEWATER C Brown Builders-Olphert ContractingST
73Samuel MILLER Support Clean SportST
74Patrick SACCANI-WILLIAMS Velofit AustraliaST
75Samuel RITCHIE Talbot Forest Cheese-UltimoST
76Griffyn SPENCER Business SouthST
77Nick BEGG Talbot Forest Cheese-UltimoST
78Andrew POINTON Talbot Forest Cheese-UltimoST
79Brendan HOUSLER Support Clean SportST
80Liam CAPPEL Coupland’s BakeriesST
81Todd SATCHELL Velofit AustraliaST
82Harry WAINE Petrotec-BlackmaxST
83Kiaan WATTS Team Skoda FruzioST
84Tony DOHERTY SiS-Santini-WAST
85Ryan THOMAS Base Solutions Racing-WCNIST
86Joshua PAGE Coupland’s BakeriesST
87Fraser HEWETT C Brown Builders-Olphert ContractingST
88Bailey O’DONNELL Team Skoda FruzioST
89Carne GROUBE Base Solutions Racing-WCNI08:35
90Nick KERGOZOU Coupland’s Bakeries11:43
91Travis KANE Business South11:58
92Patrick WALLE Support Clean SportST
93Myles GIBSON Central Benchmakers-Willbike12:00
94Lachlan ROBERTSON SiS-Santini-WAST
95Dylan KENNETT PlacemakersST
96Shane POINTON Talbot Forest Cheese-UltimoST
97Joshua HAGGERTY PlacemakersST
98Neil CLEGHORN Talbot Forest Cheese-UltimoST
99Joshua SCOTT Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-RicohST
100Andrew KING Powernet12:12
101David MCCORMICK HR Building30:39
102Hayden RANKIN HR Building32:21
103Steve RHODES HR BuildingST
104Alistair BURNETT HR BuildingST
105Tyler LOCKE Support Clean SportDNF

General classification after stage 2:

1Campbell STEWART Base Solutions Racing-WCNI7:48:12
2Jensen PLOWRIGHT Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel00:04
3James HARVEY Placemakers00:12
4Michael VINK Placemakers00:13
5Nick WHITE Kia Motors-Ascot Park HotelST
6Corbin STRONG Team Skoda Fruzio00:15
7Hamish SCHRUERS Powernet00:17
8Robbie HUCKER Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel00:18
9Eder FRAYRE Kia Motors-Ascot Park HotelST
10Chris BUTLER Coupland’s Bakeries00:19
11Alex HEANEY PowernetST
12Paul ODLIN PowernetST
13Kees DUYVESTEYN Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh00:26
14Cyrus MONK Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel00:32
15Ben OLIVER Central Benchmakers-Willbike00:33
16Antonie VAN NOPPEN Powernet00:34
17Conor MURTAGH Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel00:49
18Glenn HADEN Coupland’s Bakeries01:19
19William GREEN Business South02:40
20Reuben THOMPSON Team Skoda Fruzio02:41
21Ethan BATT Placemakers03:34
22Ruben EGGENBERG Vet4Farm04:50
23Noah BOGLI Vet4FarmST
24Dylan LONGRIDGE Vet4FarmST
25Simon IMBODEN Vet4Farm05:01
26Joshua ALDRIDGE C Brown Builders-Olphert Contracting05:04
27Adrien MERKT Vet4Farm05:20
28Tom SEXTON Business South06:31
29Bailey O’DONNELL Team Skoda Fruzio07:16
30Sam FOX Petrotec-Blackmax07:20
31Ollie JONES Powernet08:16
32Harry WAINE Petrotec-Blackmax08:20
33Blake TAIT-JONES Central Benchmakers-Willbike09:52
34Sam GUEST Petrotec-Blackmax10:04
35James FOUCHE Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh10:06
36Campbell PITHIE ITM10:08
37Bas SITTERS Talbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo10:12
38Jayden KUIJPERS Team Skoda FruzioST
39Niklas TEMPERLI Vet4Farm10:13
40Darcy PIROTTA Velofit Australia10:15
41Jake MARRYATT Support Clean Sport10:16
42Theo GILBERTSON Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh10:17
43Rhys ROBOTHAM ITM10:19
44Paul WRIGHT Central Benchmakers-Willbike10:24
45Elar KALDA SiS-Santini-WA10:58
46Ryan THOMAS Base Solutions Racing-WCNI11:02
47Ari SCOTT Team Skoda Fruzio11:08
48Nick KERGOZOU Coupland’s Bakeries11:57
49Dylan KENNETT Placemakers12:33
50J-P VAN DER MERWE SiS-Santini-WA13:06
51Ioan FULLER Petrotec-Blackmax14:32
52Jordan GILMORE Central Benchmakers-Willbike14:46
53Matthew HARVEY Velofit Australia14:48
54Madi HARTLEY-BROWN Coupland’s Bakeries14:57
55Kiaan WATTS Team Skoda Fruzio15:01
56Jordan KERBY Base Solutions Racing-WCNI15:05
57Max JONES Base Solutions Racing-WCNIST
58George JACKSON ITM15:36
59Dylan SIMPSON Base Solutions Racing-WCNI16:07
60Henry LEVETT Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh16:08
61Samuel MILLER Support Clean Sport16:33
62Liam CAPPEL Coupland’s Bakeries17:58
63Joe SWALE C Brown Builders-Olphert Contracting18:04
64Felix DONNELLY Business South18:30
65Ben CANNON C Brown Builders-Olphert Contracting22:55
66Scott TRAYHURN ITM23:13
67Joel MACMILLAN Central Benchmakers-Willbike23:22
68Cathal GUINEY Petrotec-Blackmax23:33
69Brendan HOUSLER Support Clean Sport23:44
70Todd SATCHELL Velofit Australia24:17
71Nick BEGG Talbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo24:56
72Hugo JONES Business South25:56
73Oliver STENNING SiS-Santini-WA26:07
74Bryce LANIGAN Velofit Australia26:11
75Timothy HARVEY Velofit Australia26:13
76Morgan SMITH HR Building26:23
77Hamish KEAST Placemakers26:56
78Luke MCDERMOTT Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh27:05
79Daniel BRIDGEWATER C Brown Builders-Olphert Contracting27:19
80Fraser HEWETT C Brown Builders-Olphert ContractingST
81William FINDLAY Petrotec-Blackmax27:57
82Griffyn SPENCER Business South30:31
83Reon NOLAN ITM30:39
85Samuel RITCHIE Talbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo30:43
86Andrew POINTON Talbot Forest Cheese-UltimoST
87Patrick SACCANI-WILLIAMS Velofit Australia30:46
88Joshua PAGE Coupland’s Bakeries31:23
89Patrick WALLE Support Clean Sport31:25
90Travis KANE Business South31:59
91Tim HENSHAW C Brown Builders-Olphert Contracting32:57
92Lachlan ROBERTSON SiS-Santini-WA34:39
93Carne GROUBE Base Solutions Racing-WCNI34:56
94Tony DOHERTY SiS-Santini-WA35:19
95Shane POINTON Talbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo38:08
96Neil CLEGHORN Talbot Forest Cheese-UltimoST
97Myles GIBSON Central Benchmakers-Willbike38:25
98Joshua SCOTT Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh38:46
99Joshua HAGGERTY Placemakers39:21
100Andrew KING Powernet39:24
101Hayden RANKIN HR Building52:19
102David MCCORMICK HR Building57:20
103Alistair BURNETT HR Building58:33
104Steve RHODES HR Building59:02

Points classification:

1Ollie Jones Powernet22 pts
2Brendan Housler Support Clean Sport17
3Ioan Fuller Petrotec-Blackmax11
4James Fouche Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh10
5James Harvey Placemakers9
6Nick White Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel9
7Tom Sexton Business South8
8Alex Heaney Powernet7
9Jordan Kerby Base Solutions Racing-WCNI6
10Fraser Hewett C Brown Builders-Olphert Contracting6
11Paul Wright Central Benchmakers-Willbike4
12Kees Duyvesteyn Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh4
13Corbin Strong Team Skoda Fruzio3
14Hamish Schruers Powernet3
15Theo Gilbertson Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh3
16Ben Oliver Central Benchmakers-Willbike2
17Jayden Kuijpers Team Skoda Fruzio2
18Michael Vink Placemakers1
19Conor Murtagh Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel1
20Ryan Thomas Base Solutions Racing-WCNI1
21Nick Kergozou Coupland’s Bakeries1
22Dylan Kennett Placemakers1
23Felix Donnelly Business South1

King of the Mountains classification:

1Ioan Fuller Petrotec-Blackmax24 pts
2Ollie Jones Powernet15
3Brendan Housler Support Clean Sport12
4Theo Gilbertson Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh8
5Campbell Pithie ITM7
6James Harvey Placemakers5
7Conor Murtagh Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel3

Young rider classification:

1Campbell STEWART Base Solutions Racing-WCNI7:48:12
2Jensen PLOWRIGHT Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel00:04
3Corbin STRONG Team Skoda Fruzio00:15
4Kees DUYVESTEYN Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh00:26
5Antonie VAN NOPPEN Powernet00:34
6Reuben THOMPSON Team Skoda Fruzio02:41
7Ethan BATT Placemakers03:34
8Ruben EGGENBERG Vet4Farm04:50
9Simon IMBODEN Vet4Farm05:01
10Tom SEXTON Business South06:31
11Bailey O’DONNELL Team Skoda Fruzio07:16
12Sam FOX Petrotec-Blackmax07:20
13Harry WAINE Petrotec-Blackmax08:20
14James FOUCHE Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh10:06
15Campbell PITHIE ITM10:08
16Jayden KUIJPERS Team Skoda Fruzio10:12
17Niklas TEMPERLI Vet4Farm10:13
18Theo GILBERTSON Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh10:17
19Rhys ROBOTHAM ITM10:19
20Paul WRIGHT Central Benchmakers-Willbike10:24
21Ari SCOTT Team Skoda Fruzio11:08
22J-P VAN DER MERWE SiS-Santini-WA13:06
23Matthew HARVEY Velofit Australia14:48
24Madi HARTLEY-BROWN Coupland’s Bakeries14:57
25Kiaan WATTS Team Skoda Fruzio15:01
26George JACKSON ITM15:36
27Dylan SIMPSON Base Solutions Racing-WCNI16:07
28Henry LEVETT Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh16:08
29Samuel MILLER Support Clean Sport16:33
30Liam CAPPEL Coupland’s Bakeries17:58
31Joe SWALE C Brown Builders-Olphert Contracting18:04
32Felix DONNELLY Business South18:30
33Cathal GUINEY Petrotec-Blackmax23:33
34Hugo JONES Business South25:56
35Oliver STENNING SiS-Santini-WA26:07
36Bryce LANIGAN Velofit Australia26:11
37Timothy HARVEY Velofit Australia26:13
38Hamish KEAST Placemakers26:56
39Griffyn SPENCER Business South30:31
40Michael HARRIS ITM30:39
41Samuel RITCHIE Talbot Forest Cheese-Ultimo30:43
42Andrew POINTON Talbot Forest Cheese-UltimoST
43Lachlan ROBERTSON SiS-Santini-WA34:39
44Carne GROUBE Base Solutions Racing-WCNI34:56
45Joshua SCOTT Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh38:46

Team classification:


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