Sam Gaze has made a statement regarding his words spoken to the media after winning the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games men’s cross country mountain bike event.  The newly crowned world champion was extremely apologetic for the emotional outbursts made against teammate and rival Anton Cooper.

After winning the gold medal on the Gold Coast, Sam Gaze was quickly confronted by the media to whom he gave his views on what was an extremely dramatic finale.  That drama included a late puncture, chase, and a little bit of physicality to move past Anton Cooper.  Both riders spoke to the press afterwards, but having done so and after receiving his gold medal, Sam then took to his athlete’s page on Facebook to release the following statement:

“I’m a competitive guy and when I had that issue with my bike I thought my dream was over.  I reacted badly and want to apologise for my words and my actions.  I am really embarrassed for how I acted and how the impact of how special of a day it was for New Zealand Cycling was tainted by my actions.

“I respect Anton and his ability to race hard and fast and I regret the way that I spoke right after the race.  He is an incredible rider and together we put on a really exciting race today.  I was proud that we could finish one-two again like we did in Glasgow and am grateful for the talent we are growing in New Zealand.

“I have caught up with Anton and apologised personally, but I wanted to let the NZ Team here on the Gold Coast and the NZ public know that I acted in the heat of the moment and will work on making sure this type of action doesn’t happen again.  Thanks for everyone’s support.  I am sorry that my actions have affected the public’s view of how really special these Games have been.

“Thank you all for your understanding.



Photo:  Oli Young / Barking Cat Photography 


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