Spoken Coaching

Blair Taylor and the team at Spoken Coaching are a team of passionate, devoted cyclists whose coaching facilities and expertise have championed many a cyclist to some of the highest levels of success.  We got the chance to sit down with Blair at the latest round of the Dynamo Team Championship to talk all things Spoken Coaching.

With some 7 years coaching experience under his belt it’s still the interaction that gets Blair going when it comes to coaching riders.  Being in the core of the home of cycling in Cambridge puts him and the team in a unique position and they’ve proven their ability to provide the best services to many of the best riders in New Zealand.

One of those is world junior track champion Luke Mudgway who in 2017 made the decision to commit exclusively to the road scene instead of juggling road and track.  We wanted to take the opportunity to ask about the transition from a coaching perspective and what that’s meant as Mudgway has come back under the wing of Taylor and the team at Spoken.

Check out our full interview with Blair Taylor here.  To find out more about Spoken Coaching click here.  To check out what’s on offer at Spoken Cycles click here.


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