FLECTR 2.0 is a wonderful balance of safe and cool, something we haven't seen when it's come to reflectors for as long as we can remember, photo FLECTR

Wheel reflectors.  If you’re anything like me then you’ve grown up with the standard picture of them in your mind being something desperately uncool.  A slightly too large plastic item that certainly achieves the safety factor but little else; and certainly little achieved in the way of style.  But FLECTR 2.0 may have just cracked into a reflector that is both safety-mindful and just a little bit cool too!

It is dubbed as the ultra performance wheel reflector and from first impressions it was easy to see why.  Highly lightweight and extremely discreet, from the words I use you could be forgiven for thinking it near indistinguishable; but it’s certainly not that.  It is very obvious, which it of course needs to be, but it is attractively obvious.  It is also extremely aerodynamic and slick, being near paper thin as each reflector hugs the spoke perfectly.

The FLECTR 2.0’s virtual weightlessness makes it ideal for the serious cyclist training or commuting in the dark as well as for the leisurely cyclist simply getting from block to block.  The reflector is far from obstructive to a performance cyclist, and virtually lights up like a Christmas tree from any light from side-approaching vehicles.  

With stories ever-circulating of the on-going road-safety battle that seems to exist between motorists and cyclists I don’t see any reason why anyone wouldn’t go for the FLECTR 2.0.

To find out more or to get your hands on the FLECTR 2.0 click here.


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