The Best - Short Sleeve jersey leads the battle for cool design, image Silversky - Smart Bike Wear

Silversky Smart Cycle Wear have talent for cool-wear, that much we experienced when we tried their ‘Best – Short Sleeve Cycle Jersey’.  This is fashionable cyclewear that is asking to be shown off to the public at large.  But what more does the jersey offer?

We’ve seen both sides of the spectrum.  Cycling kit that looks like as though it might have come out of a carnival, far too much going on, a kind of ‘where are you supposed to look first’ effect created upon the beholder.  Then there is the polar opposite end, the ‘one colour fits all’ sort of thing, void of character, functional but not stylish.  Then in the middle you have the Best jersey.

This is something that we can say that to look at we really, really like.  The front of the jersey’s dark diagonal pattern with orange and blue bright streak does a great job of combining subtlety with distinction.  The back pockets continue the front design, but the rest of the back of the jersey is off-white in colour and has a slight reflective element in its design; a stylish way to be safety conscious. 

But beyond that what can we tell you?  Size wise it gets a big tick from me.  I don’t know about you but I’m glad that I’ve found a jersey that is reflective of the size I wear in every other item of clothing I put on.  Typically I wear large t-shirts everywhere else but have to upgrade to XL or XXL when it comes to cycling kit; not so with the Best jersey.  It might sound like a little thing, but to me it’s a plus.  It hugs tightly but comfortably and their use of the latest CoolMax/TopCool fabrics certainly helps with making ‘you feel like a pro’ as the team at Silversky Smart Cycle Wear claim.

What I found it lacked was much by way of breathability.  The 100% polyester jersey is recommended for use as a summer item, but in testing I concluded that it would be more ideal for autumn/spring use.  Through the height of the Kiwi summer I found this jersey to be too warm, but then while in the UK I tried it out in the late winter/early spring conditions and found it much more to my liking. 

The impressive design combines subtlety with distinction in a manner that is asking to be shown off, image Silversky – Smart Bike Wear

The jersey is described as being ‘off white on the back for cooling’ but I couldn’t say that I found that effect during the summer; rather I felt a little more insulated than I would have liked to have been in the New Zealand sun.  The team at Silversky did say that they like the slightly thicker fabric on the summer jerseys as the true summer lightweight/mesh types didn’t offer the quality of feel that they were after.

In summary the Best Jersey is a winner in many ways.  It easily ranks as one of the most stylish clothing items we’ve reviewed in a long time, and it will be a regular feature through our autumn and spring training make no mistake.

To find out more about the Best – Short Sleeve Cycle Jersey click here.  For more from Silversky Smart Bike Wear click here.


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