Emma Cachemaille is taking us through an eight week plan to nailing your nutrition for Taupo or your next big event coming up on the New Zealand calendar.  The approach is straightforward, integrate one new habit every week.  Here we got then with part 2.

Plan your nutrition for Taupo



As your miles start getting bigger and more intense, you need to focus on recovering from your sessions so you can train well again the next day.  The 30 minutes straight after your ride is key to getting in a mix of carbohydrates and protein.  Chocolate milk has been stated to be one of the best forms of recovery drink as it has the correct carbohydrate to protein blend and it comes in a liquid form so is easy on the body.  Of course you can always buy a “recovery blend” drink but if you are in a pinch, a good old kiwi dairy will have the flavoured milk right there.

Goal: aim to first rehydrate, then get your liquid replacement in after long rides before you shower and stretch. It’s not uncommon to find chocolate milk containers in our shower room bin.




Like four and five above, it’s good to practice your pre race breakfast before the day. Hopefully you have tackled a fun ride or two before Taupo so you have had a chance to eat then ride under intensity. Myself and the team of coaches I work with like to ensure we write key nutriton tips into our training plans for our athletes – and this is one. Breakfast is generally pretty easy for most people to get right as it’s normally a carbohydrate style meal. But you may want to ensure you are getting enough, and if it is going to be a long day in the saddle, topping up with some protein as well.

Goal: on race day, aim to eat your breakfast about 3 hours before your race starts, with a light snack or liquid fuel in the last hour before you kick off. Oats, fruit, and an omelette with ham can be a great way to go.




Caffeine is a well discussed topic amongst cyclists, and I have many views on it for recreational athletes who have full time stressful likes and perhaps a small midline spread. But those views aside (contact me if you want to chat about this more), caffeine can boost performance if used properly. My two tips are: once you start on caffeine in a race, you need to keep going with it so make sure you are having your non caffeine gels first, or if you are having a prerace coffee – make sure all your gels contain caffeine. And second, to get best results have 10 – 14 days without caffeine prior to the race so your body can top up all your adrenal stores and so it will give you a hit on race day.

Goal: quit caffeine today if you want to use it in the race – or at least, wean it back a little.




Lastly, the night before the big day can feel like a time to hit whatever food you feel like to “carbo” load. This is probably not the smartest idea. Eat something that is tried and tested, won’t upset your gut, has slow releasing carbs, some protein and some healthy fat. If you are travelling, have a plan for what you will do when you arrive at the race venue.

Goal: leave your Bastard Burger Fuel burger for after the event. Believe me, it will taste much better than and it won’t matter so much if it makes you crash and burn. Plus, you can watch everyone else riding to the finish after you, knowing that you did a great job on your nutrition.


Plan your nutrition for Taupo


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Photo:  Eugene Bonthuys


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