Danielle Ward is our Unsung Hero for 2018.  The woman behind Concept78 Photography has done an enormous amount of work for New Zealand cyclists at bike races around the country.  We had the privilege of catching up with her at the Vantage Road National Championships in Napier.

Photography is an invisible task.  Hours and hours spent looking through the lens capturing moments in time, developing them into beautiful images for the world to see.  And while we get to bask in wonder at the immense creations that photographers put on display, unlike performers we don’t get to see our heroes who are inevitably always behind the lens; never in front.

Here we got to take our 2018 hero out from behind the lens.  As we talked to Danielle it was clear that this is much more than a job or a task to do, capturing beautiful images of New Zealand cycling is a joy, a passion and a means to play a meaningful role in hundreds of lives.

For everything you’ve done Danielle, in bringing so many of New Zealand’s most wonderful images to us and in your own way championing New Zealand cycling, we are so grateful.


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