What do you do when money is simply no object and you’re looking for ways to make your experience on two wheels a faster one?  It’s easy to get swept away with and possibly even be a little overwhelmed at the range of options available so here Alex Heaney from Spoken Coaching gives his four top tips to speed with no limits.

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Power meter

A power meter is a good aid to your training and racing.  It is a good way to make your training a bit more specific and measurable.  Training to heart rate is alright for some efforts but for the shorter more specific ones it takes a while for to get up to the required zone and sometimes your effort is done by then.  Heart rate is also affected by sickness and temperature etc, where power is power and doesn’t change.  So investing in a power meter could be the way you take your training to the next level and getting the edge over your friends and competitors.


Coaching is one of those things that people don’t think will make a massive difference and can do it themselves.  Structure and accountability in training can end with big increases in performance.  Having someone that knows how to analyse your training and data, and knowing when to be doing what in your build up to an event can give you confidence in what you’re doing.  If you’re looking at investing in a power meter it’s definitely worthwhile looking for a coach at the same time and getting the most out of your training. 

Carbon Wheels

Carbon Wheels will make any bike faster. The idea behind them is they are generally a lot more aero coming in depths of 25mm up to and around 100mm deep.  Carbon tends to be a lighter material than alloy and is more compliant while riding.  There are lots of different brands and types of carbon wheels on the market and some are better than others so doing a bit of research and talking to the local bike shops they can help point you in the right direction so you are not disappointed.

Complete New Bike

Nothing speaks going faster than a new current model bike.  Technology is constantly changing, things being upgraded and different ideas coming about.  There are some pretty awesome bikes on the market at the moment, from your ultimate climbing bikes in the Specialized S-Works Tarmac and the BMC Teammachine SLR01 to the aero race bikes like the Specialized S-Works Venge and the Cervelo S5.  Any of these bikes are going to mean you are on some of the world’s leading technology in terms of equipment and it is all on you now.

Having a combination of a few things from the first article such as a clean drivetrain and shaven legs, having your bike correctly fitted to you with a proper bike fit and some Rule28 Aero Socks from the 2nd article, and one of these awesome bikes and some guidance through guidance you are going to find speed that you didn’t know you had (or could buy). 

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