Logan Griffin soloed to a fine victory at the Gentle Annie Bike Ride on Saturday, photo Page Imagery

Logan Griffin has won the 2019 Gentle Annie Bike Ride.  Griffin crossed the line solo on Saturday, winning well clear of Luke Mudgway in second and William Green in third.  Kirsty McCallum took the win in the women’s race after 2500m of vertical ascent between Taihape and Hastings.

It’s thought that there’s precious little that’s gentle about the Gentle Annie, and when the event takes in 2500m of climbing over 136km, across five climbs it’s not hard to recognise the lack of gentleness!  Four of the five climbs average around 3% in gradient, far from steep but making up for that in length.  It is the climb up Gentle Annie, the 1.9km and 10.9% average gradient climb that is arguably the nastiest though.  

140 riders took on the full race, with the likes of Logan Griffin arriving at Gentle Annie off the back of a strong performance at the Oceania Championships across the ditch.  The signs were good for Griffin, who’d battled through a bit of a dissatisfying summer in New Zealand to hit form at the right time.  

“I was very happy with Oceania, both for myself and also the riders I took over.  Through a lack of form and then a couple crashes I didn’t ride at the level I knew I could through the Nationals-Cycle Classic block but I wrote a good program for myself (and actually followed it for once) and came into Oceana champs in really good shape which has carried over to last weekend,” Griffin told us afterwards.

The first of the day’s climbs up Spooners Hill was 8.1km in length, averaged just under 3% in gradient; and drawing out the creme of the crop as early as the 10km point.  Around a dozen riders formed a leading group at the head of the race, and among the leaders were Griffin, Luke Mudgway, William Green, Luke McDermott and Karl Poole.  

With the last climb of the day peaking with 46km still to go, any climbers looking for the win would have to attack from a long way off, with the long and gradually downhill dash to the finish.  Griffin opted to make his move on the climb up to Ngamatea Station.  It proved to be the decisive move of the race, with only Luke Mudgway able to come along with him.  Their partnership lasted until 62km to go where Griffin put the hurt on and from there it was a time trial to the finish.

“We rode well together but I knew taking Luke to the line wasn’t going to work out for me and the last real opportunity to get rid of him was up the Gentle Annie climb with 60km to go,” Griffin said.  “Over the top of there I had a good 30 seconds and just settled into my own pace from there until the finish.  The last 20k’s once the road flattened out felt like they took forever but I got there in the end.”

Griffin crossed the line in 3.50.23 hours, 4.09mins ahead of Luke Mudgway, with William Green third in 6.32mins.  Karl Poole took fourth place while Sam Gardner out-sprinted Wouter Peeters for fifth.

The women’s race was dominated by Kirsty McCallum.  Coming from fifth place in the Oceania Championships road race, McCallum crossed the line in 4.19.14 hours, with Carol McCallum second and Aileen Campbell third.  McCallum’s win doubled up with a new course record, beating the previous benchmark by a staggering 21 minutes.  

1Logan Griffin3:50:23.20
2Luke Mudgway+4:09.74
3William Green+6:32.28
4Karl Poole+9:27.94
5Sam Gardner+11:20.49
6Wouter Peeters+11:21.38
7Antony Nalder+21:36.76
8Luke McDermott+21:38.48
9Josh Courtis+21:39.41
10Jeremy Rowe+25:47.00
11Aaron Sheldrake+25:47.28
12Luke Shaw+25:47.49
13Scott McDonald+26:55.83
14Darryl Strachan+28:51.21
15Kirsty McCallum+28:51.34
16Alex Fierro+29:05.75
17Andrew Torrens+29:05.87
18Shane Pointon+29:06.28
19Richard Hellaby+29:06.85
20Wayne Mote+29:07.90
21Chris Clark+29:09.46
22Hubertus Buyck+39:14.63
23Darryn Jackson+42:00.79
24Steven Sawyers+42:01.70
25Michael Pugh+42:02.63
26Brent Copeland+42:07.48
27Mark Waterland+42:18.61
28Samuele Tonello+42:20.42
29Justin Copeland+42:29.60
30Nathan Thompson+42:50.93
31Jason Kelly+49:03.84
32Shaun Demanser+49:04.59
33Strat Ellingham+49:04.77
34Greg Taylor+49:05.31
35Wayne McDermott+49:35.93
36Ash Mellow+49:36.05
37Jeff Lyall+49:36.90
38Tony Chudley+49:37.16
39Carl Fraser+49:37.34
40Simon Pumfrey+49:37.46
41Chris Hansen+49:38.40
42Chris Greenwood+49:38.45
43Clint Black+49:40.37
44John Mudgway+58:07.17
45Carol McCallum+58:07.28
46Erik D’arbois+58:07.54
47Christopher Jarrett+1:01:53.51
48Chris York+1:02:13.19
49Rob Dallimore+1:02:13.77
50Brett Hunt+1:02:14.04
51Ed Banks+1:09:31.24
52Carl Paton+1:09:31.27
53Jack Spencer+1:13:33.65
54Tristan Kramers+1:14:13.53
55Aileen Campbell+1:14:38.81
56Jacob Baty+1:14:41.27
57Toshi Yamauchi+1:15:05.18
58Paul Lewin+1:15:57.15
59Stewart Granger+1:17:11.51
60Patrick Johnstone+1:19:59.76
61James Buchanan+1:21:31.19
62Philip Browne+1:21:33.00
63Gary O’Neale+1:21:34.87
64Doug Thompson+1:21:41.06
65Eddie Kuysten+1:21:41.09
66Ian Brown+1:21:41.67
67Gareth Brazier+1:26:31.80
68Steve Watson+1:29:58.33
69Jonny Clapcott+1:29:58.59
70Michael Revell+1:30:01.17
71Gavin Smales+1:32:34.57
72Karen Toulmin+1:34:44.01
73John McLean+1:34:44.06
74Robert Graham+1:37:07.60
75Grant Webber+1:37:19.44
76Aaron Gabbie+1:37:19.80
77Rocky De Nys+1:37:21.56
78Tony MacDonald+1:37:24.46
79T TAUFALE+1:38:50.18
80Philip Robson+1:38:59.08
81Ian Thomas+1:39:11.56
82Rachael Nicholls+1:39:28.87
83Phil Devlin+1:40:39.67
84Graeme Bull+1:40:39.68
85Colin Anderson+1:40:40.01
86Mandy Hancock+1:40:50.13
87Kris Cato+1:45:11.82
88Mark Van Panhuys+1:48:13.21
89Catherine Millar+1:49:01.86
90Kelly Lawton+1:50:43.59
91Pete Haig+1:50:43.95
92Paul Reid+1:56:05.26
93Michelle Van Den Broek+1:58:11.37
94Matthew Schipper+1:58:14.99
95David Lingan+2:02:18.34
96Douglas Young+2:02:49.88
97Kevin Carswell+2:04:10.02
98Mikeo Orum+2:04:15.86
99Nathaniel Manning+2:04:40.92
100Melissa Denman+2:04:41.21
101Brett Andrews+2:10:54.79
102Saskia Van Zijp+2:11:03.04
103Christopher Glasson+2:11:29.20
104Ian Coles+2:12:39.88
105Andrew West+2:13:18.05
106Brian Hughes+2:13:19.04
107Andrew McIntosh+2:15:02.56
108Geoff Purdie+2:16:19.68
109Dave Byers+2:16:20.05
110Sheryl Duncan+2:16:20.14
111Brendan Quigan+2:16:20.47
112Ryan Pratt+2:16:20.93
113Peter Turner+2:18:18.22
114Pam Anderson+2:19:09.76
115Fletcher Smith+2:19:11.22
116Clive Lewis+2:21:55.50
117Whitney Churchward+2:34:14.15
118Brent Chamberlain+2:43:28.02
119Colin Taylor+2:44:15.90
120John Edwards+2:44:20.54
121Kevin Lloyd+2:45:35.59
122Frannie Aston+2:45:37.06
123Gillian Bruce+2:45:48.30
124Chris Hall+2:46:11.02
125John Reynolds+2:46:46.77
126Eric Shaw+2:50:43.75
127Kellee Sandilands+2:51:58.80
128Eoin O’Mahony+3:01:32.80
129Terry Kelly+3:21:47.15
130Bradley Johnson+3:22:22.97
131Christine Cheyne+3:43:20.08
Kent HutchinsDNF
Alan YoungDNF
Ken TunnicliffDNF
Danny ThornburrowDNF
Philip CockerDNF
Maurice BrownDNF
Josh PageDNF
Helen BradfordDNF
Robert Gibb
Tom PirieDNS
Steve MoorhouseDNS
Darryl SoljanDNS
Steve StannardDNS
Thomas StannardDNS
Mark LaceyDNS
Paul RichardsonDNS
Catriona PirieDNS

Photo: Page Imagery


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