Saddle height can be one of those fine-line things that make all the difference to a rider’s performance.  Put the saddle too low and there is a problem, put the saddle too high and there is an injury.  So how can you make it work for you?  Gordon McCauley gives his input.

#justaskGMC – why is saddle height important and how can you make it work best for you?

Tough question, if the saddle is too low then you don’t recruit the full length of the muscle and you’ll lose power, if it’s too high you risk injury.

There are so many factors to consider with saddle height like cleat position, leg length discrepancies, style of rider (i.e. time trial rider or climber) previous injuries etc, the list goes on.

There is no exact or ideal saddle height calculation that would suit every rider, my best advice would be to consult with an experienced bike fitter that uses a 3D fit system.  ‘Eye balling’ and ‘2D’ fitting is better than nothing but only 3D fitting will pick up those 1mm discrepancies that can make all the difference at the end of a long day in the saddle.

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