Keeping it festive, this episode of #justaskGMC takes us to the issue of Christmas food, and also tackles that whole New Year resolution thing.  Virtually all of us have made one, but how should one make one’s cycling resolutions?  Gordon McCauley gives his thoughts to both subjects.


#justaskGMC – what are the ‘cycling friendly’ Christmas foods and why?


Hahaha, are there any?  Salad!!!!  I think it’s more about moderation than cycling friendly foods, or if you are like me head out early for a ride and pre burn some calories.  Alcohol is normally the big killer, so easy on the beers, your head will thank you the next day.


#justaskGMC – what should be taken into consideration when goal setting for the New Year?


Try not to get ambition mixed up with ability, if this year winning D grade was the goal then crushing A grade might be a bridge to far, you are your own limiter but at the end of the day keep the goals hard but realistic.

Same goes with training time, if you committed 10 hours per week to training this year, then 15 hours per week might be a bit too much, 12 might be a better goal.

Look at your support network, family, coach, sponsors (if you are lucky enough), is it working well for you?  Is there anything you can tweak to make things work better/more efficiently?

Take a look at what you’ve been doing, always do the same training for Taupo and end up with a sillier time to the year before? then it’s time to change things, if you do the same things all the time, you’ll get the same results.


Photo:  Mark Sowry


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