Amanda Jamieson launched an audacious solo attack in the Souvenir Marcel Gilles that saw her out in front of the race for some 50km before finally being caught.  Claire Faber of WV Zeeuws-Vlaanderen took the win ahead of Elise Maes of LC Tetange WNT Cycling and Jamieson’s teammate Anne-Sophie Harsch.

The 2nd edition of the Souvenir Marcel Gilles took place on a tough and hilly 9km course that featured a 1.2km climb averaging 5.2% and hitting a maximum of 12% shortly before levelling out slightly close to the summit.  The elite women’s field had 63km of racing ahead of them, 7 laps of the course, and New Zealanders Bronwyn MacGregor, Jeannie Blakemore and Amanda Jamieson lined up with the latter opting to take the long range view of the race; and attack early on.

What resulted was a 50km effort out in front of the field, with her Maaslandster team well represented in the field.  Steadily though the field pulled Jamieson back to heel, and after a valiant effort out in front of the race, Jamieson was finally caught.

That wasn’t the end of attacks, with the winning move seeing Faber, Maes and Harsch go clear of the field.  The would eventually put some 4 minutes into the nearest chasers with Blakemore and Jamieson pairing up behind them.  Faber and Maes fought out the top sport, with Faber just able to get the win; while Harsch finished 20 seconds later.  Behind them came Jamieson and Blakemore who were separated by just 5 seconds at the finish line; while MacGregor completed a Kiwi 4-5-6.



Pos. Rider Nation Team Time
1 Claire Faber LUX WV Zeeuws-Vlaanderen NL 1.47.00
2 Elise MAes LUX LC Tetange WNT Cycling ST
3 Anne-Sophie Harsch LUX TWC Maaslandster Zuid-Limburg +0:20
4 Amanda Jamieson NZL TWC Maaslandster Zuid-Limburg +4:03
5 Jeannie Blakemore NZL TWC Maaslandster Zuid-Limburg +4:08
6 Bronwyn MacGregor NZL TWC Maaslandster Zuid-Limburg +5:19
7 Nina Berton LUX UC Dippach Women Cycling Project +5:44
8 Carmen Coljon LUX Saf Zeisseng +6:52
9 Virginie Soenen BEL RC Pesant Liège +8:35
10 Laura Bragano BEL RC Pesant Liège +15:07
11 Laetitia Maus LUX LC Tetange WNT Cycling ST
DNF Anna-Leeza Hull AUS TWC Maaslandster Zuid-Limburg  


Photo:  Hinninck Paul


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