Amanda Jamieson has finished second in the Rund in Fischeln in Germany.  The former U23 national road champion took her first European podium finish of the season in the 46km criterium just behind Britt Teunissen; with Lydia Wegemund in third.

A technical, tricky course was on hand for the riders tackling the 1.4km circuit in Fischeln.  For Amanda Jamieson the hope was that the race would be a continuation of the good year that she has already enjoyed with the team.

“[I am] very happy to be back with Maaslandster for another year,” Jamieson told RoadCycling.  “This 2018 season so far is already significantly better than the last. I’m stronger, healthier and more aware in the races, stemming from experience. I had a bad 2017 season with injuries causing results I wasn’t always happy with. I’m making the most of this season and the opportunities Maaslandster is giving me.”

Experience gained last year gave Jamieson the knowledge she needed to approach the race with a very clear game plan.  “My plan was to ride up the front the whole race as I know from previous experience that these races split very easily and breaks sneak away because of all the corners. I never dropped back further than 5th wheel, which meant I was up front contending all of the intermediate sprints,” Jamieson said.

As the race progressed it became clear that the rest of the field would be strong in the final sprint for the line, which left Jamieson with two strategies she could employ to try and take the win.  “The only way I knew I was able to have a chance of winning was to breakaway solo or go early in the final sprint.  Attempts were shut down so I had to settle for the latter option. In the end I was rolled right on the line, I couldn’t quite hold off for the win.”

Jamieson sprinted to second place ahead of Lydia Wegemund, with just Britt Teunissen able to get the better of her.  But the result is one she is delighted with.  “I’m ecstatic with my performance today. Even more so as it’s my first European podium for the 2018 season,” Jamieson told us.

2018 is a big year for Jamieson who will be looking to take every opportunity to secure a professional contract going forward.  “This year I am doing a lot more UCI races with the team. It’s a step up, but a necessary one,” she said.  “It’s exceptionally important to achieve good results at the big races in order to secure a professional contract to allow me to return.”

Amanda Jamieson on the podium with Britt Teunissen and Lydia Wegemund, photo provided



Pos. Rider Team Time


Britt Teunissen   1.07.10


Amanda Jamieson Maaslandster International Women’s Cycling  


Lydia Wegemund RSV Gutersloh 1931  


Judith Bloem    


Angelique Wammes-Bouman    


Lea Lin Teutenberg WNT ROTOR Pro Cycling Team  


Sophie Van Bakel    


Brouwyn MacGregory    


Photo:  Sophie Richez


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