Innovations in the Campagnolo Shamal


Campagnolo Miguel Indurain 93 smlJuly 23rd, ’14.  It is a wheel steeped in history but the team at Campagnolo have not used that as an excuse to rest on their laurels.  Their passion for innovation – even with tried and proven products – has led them to the Shamal Mille.

Campagnolo Miguel Indurain 93The Shamal wheel has been trusted at the highest level of cycling for decades, as seen here with Miguel Indurain in 1993, photo providedJuly 23rd, ’14.  It is a wheel steeped in history but the team at Campagnolo have not used that as an excuse to rest on their laurels.  Their passion for innovation – even with tried and proven products – has led them to the Shamal Mille.

Over 20 years ago Campagnolo presented the first complete wheelset, with each individual component being specifically designed to work perfectly with the rest of the specific components to form a wheel that is optimized in its each and every detail. Not only did this change the way wheels were produced and sold but it ushered in a new era of performance for the entire market. The name of this wheel was the Campagnolo Shamal and it is steeped in history. 

Through the years the Shamal has consistently represented the leading edge of technology with respect to aluminum racing wheels and was performance oriented enough to find its way under Pro-Team riders during the world’s most prestigious races. In staying true to its fame, the Shamal continues to push the envelope of performance for aluminum racing wheels. Through Campagnolo’s dedication to continuously innovate, not only to create new products, but to improve upon existing ones, the Campy Tech Lab has increased the performance of a wheelset that was already deemed “best in class”. The result of their work is the exciting new Shamal Mille. The Shamal was already one of the lightest wheels available in its class, already one of the stiffest and perhaps the most reactive.  

Campagnolo Shamal Its differentiated profiles give the Shamal an aerodynamic advantage in a wheel segment that generally leaves this criteria out of the design process. Innovative solutions such as Mega G3 spoke patterns confer both performance construction in addition to unique aesthetics. With its solid and seemingly bomb-proof construction, sturdy build and beefy spokes, nipples and rim this wheelset guarantees race performance that can be counted on season after season. With such a sophisticated design, so much technology and such a high pedigree what could be improved upon to render the Shamal even more performance oriented? 

The engineers in the Campy Tech Lab worked diligently to develop a new and improved version of the Shamal that incorporates a new revolutionary technique to improve braking performance on the highly lauded wheelset. Through special treatments and manufacturing techniques Campagnolo has developed a new treatment that permeates the metal of the rim, leaving a braking surface that puts this wheelset in a category all its own. This treatment, allows for increased braking performance in all conditions and permits the rider to brake later with the confidence that he or she will be in complete control. 

Campagnolo Shamal MilleThe new treatment is compatible with the red Campagnolo carbon brake pads. Internally developed and universally praised for their fantastic performance with Campagnolo carbon rims, the red Campagnolo carbon brake pads function perhaps even better when paired with the Shamal Mille braking surface. While many will choose to run the Shamal Mille as their go-to race wheels in addition to their training wheels, many athletes will appreciate the fact that they will no longer need to swap out brake pads when changing from their aluminum wheels to their Campagnolo Bora or Hyperon race day wheels.  

The Shamal Mille represents the performance standard of the aluminum race wheel segment, incorporating all of the characteristics that have brought so much prestige to the Shamal and adding an all new and improved braking surface. This performance increase comes with no weight penalty and serves to improve the cycling experience with no drawbacks. Available in both HG11 and Campagnolo hubset versions, you can count on Shamal performance no matter what drivetrain you choose.


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