Ben Hamilton heads to Holdsworth Zappi Racing Team in 2019, photo Cullen Browne

Ben Hamilton moves on to the next stage in his career as he takes to the international stage in a new way with the Holdsworth Zappi Racing Team.  The outfit is a UK based U23 team and will provide opportunities to race in some of Europe’s leading cycling locations.

For the past 3 seasons Ben Hamilton has plied his trade with Team Skoda Racing (now Team Skoda Fruzio) and has enjoyed considerable success alongside New Zealand’s leading men’s development team.  Hamilton has been key to many of the team’s successes over the years and in 2017 he was crowned U19 national champion, one of the contributing factors to his selection to the New Zealand World Road Championship squad that went to Bergen, Norway.  Ben was also third in stage 1 of the Tour of Quanzhou Bay in China in 2017.

Holdsworth Zappi Racing Team is an outfit pioneered by Flavio Zappi and provides opportunities for riders to race in the UK and around Europe’s premier cycling nations France, Belgium, Spain and Italy; as well as in the Netherlands and Portugal.  Over the course of the season Hamilton will be in the company 25 teammates and have the opportunity to race in a number of the team’s 40 UCI races on the calendar for 2019.

We look forward to seeing Ben’s progress into 2019.  Watch out for more coming up!  

Among Ben Hamilton’s teammates for the 2019 season will be:

Nathan Draper – Isle of man

Reece Wood – Great Britain

Charlie Meredith – Great Britain

Patrick Christopher – Great Britain

Marcus Burnett – Great Britain


Photo: Cullen Browne


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