Gordon McCauley has been a Commonwealth Games medallist, professional on the European circuit and currently coaches riders across the country.  Now he is the proud owner his brand new Bike Fit Studio in Silverdale.

At its core the GMC Bike Fit Studio exists for a simple purpose, to help you go faster; whether you are a GMC rider or not.  At the opening of the new studio, Gordon explained the reasoning behind why he took on the new task.  “Before people would come to my house to be fit, they’d drive to my house, I’d look at them, we’d figure it out, we’d measure them and then I’d say to them ‘you need to this or do that but I can’t do any of it because I’m not actually a fit studio I don’t carry anything eg: aerobars, handlebar stems; I don’t have your correct saddle.’  I was doing those on average once or twice a week,” Gordon explained.  “Eventually I would be sending them away with a list of things to do and then I don’t actually get to see the finished product until I see them out riding.”

With the introduction of the Bike Fit Studio that has all changed.  “Now I can actually do that,” he said.  “I can fit them correctly, and go for a ride with them, and that would be our main point of difference; I ride with the people I fit.”

Having the dual role of coach and fitter places Gordon in a great position to not just provide a fitting but also monitor progress in position so that what the rider displays in the studio can also be compared to how they ride on the road.  From there tailor made adjustments can be made, updated and tweaked on an ongoing basis.  “After a fitting I don’t just get the riders to go out on a thirty minute ride, I get them to go out on one of our GMC bunch rides,” Gordon told RoadCycling.  “There’s a huge difference between being in the studio, getting a fit, riding beautifully with a camera monitoring your position; and then actually getting out there for a real world load, where you fall forward on your bike, you start wobbling, your head goes sideways and you sit skewiff on the saddle; that’s where you find out that the fit has worked well for them.”

The decision to open the Bike Fit Studio – one of very few that exist solely as a studio in the country – was not by any means a spur of the moment decision.  With his coaching capacity and wealth of cycling knowledge and experience it was very much a natural progression for Gordon to begin this new venture was he continues to pour his expertise into riders coming his way.

Within the process of a Bike Fit at the GMC Bike Fit Studio Gordon will take you through a process that starts at the Pre-Fit interview that will address fit related issues, past injuries, as well as goals for the fit.  As much as Gordon is all about helping people ride their bikes faster, he also recognises that speed and comfort have to align well.  While Gordon’s tendency is to endure the pain in order to perfect the aero position in a short time trial, for many of his riders who he is coaching for the K2 Classic later this year he understands that comfort is essential for a ride of several hours.  Therefore detail prior to the fit is a must.

After that Gordon will take you through the Pre-Fit flexibility test involving stretching assessments prior to the actual fit.  After that comes the actual Fit of you to your bike before a Post-Fit assessment and stretching and strengthening exercises where appropriate; before a detailed break down of changes to your position will be emailed to you.

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By:  Ed Wright


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