Nominations are open for the John Rippon Award 2017, celebrating the unsung heroes in New Zealand cycling

Last year John Rippon was named as RoadCycling’s Unsung Hero of 2017.  This year we want to know who is your Unsung Hero of 2017.  This is an award to someone who generally goes unrecognised for their efforts to better the sport of cycling in New Zealand.

There are so many people who go into making the sport of cycling what it is in New Zealand.  The amazing race directors who deal with all the logistical challenges that go into making an event run, year in year out.  Coaches who spend hours tirelessly and selflessly devoting themselves to bettering the riders around them.  Parents whose pay packets could be spent elsewhere but instead go into fuel costs, accommodation and race fees for their kids.  Bike stores who sponsor in little and large ways to see their local stars and up coming champions further their potential.  Friends who stand on the side of the road to simply cheer on the riders who put pedal to the mettle.  

We want to celebrate these incredible people, young and old, men and women by awarding the John Rippon Award to one of these Unsung Heroes.  But to do this we need your help.  So put your nominations below in our comments box or on our Facebook page comments section to nominate your Unsung Hero.  We will be sending our 2017 Unsung Hero a special gift pack from the amazing team at Summer Glow and all nominators will go in the draw to win a free entry to the BDO Tour of Northland 2018, hosted by Dynamo Events from the 15th-18th March.

So get nominating and let’s celebrate the Unsung hero in cycling for 2017!


  1. I would like to nominate Logan Townsend from Auckland. He is the coach for Epsom Girls Grammar, but he goes will beyond just organising rides and training. Logan is involved with getting the newbies comfortable with riding, building a culture amounts the girls to be inclusive and that includes the welcoming of other students from other schools that don’t have a cycling program to join in at training and also share our facilities at races. Logan is deeply involved with Auckland cycling, College Sports and Cycling New Zealand. Logan has recently started to also coach track racing and has created a program at the Auckland Velodrome to welcome new cyclists to track and has a program dedicated to getting them faimiliar with track and comfortable racing. Logan gives up many nights and weekend days at the velodrome. The only thing Logan expects in return is commitment and smiles. He is truely an unsung hero in cycling.

  2. I would like to nominate Rob Ford from Nelson for the unsung hero award. 10 years ago he came up with and designed a plan for a new velodrome in Nelson. He set out a plan and every year in applications for long term funding options from the council, and through his 10 years of diligent and commited work, the velodrome in Nelson is 2 months away from being opened. Without Rob, there would be no new velodrome in Nelson, and we would still be trying to race around a rugby field. Thanks for 10 years of work Rob, an unsung hero of cycling.

  3. I would like to nominate Waine harding. Always around to help out at southland club racing super nice bloke and full of the needed energy required to keep cycling alive in southland!

  4. I nominate Mike Pryde of CHAPTER2 Bikes; he unselfishly provided frames for five of our riders this year. As well as that he has sponsored several other riders and has successfully established a boutique bike brand that is uniquely Kiwi and at the cutting edge of performance.


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