Patrick Bevin has been forced to withdraw from the Tour de France.  The CC Team rider sustained fractures to his ribs during stage 4 which became particularly uncomfortable in yesterday’s stage.

In 2019 Patrick Bevin will have the unwelcome statistic to his name as the first rider to be forced out of the Tour de France.  Injuries sustained in stage 4, from Reims to Nancy, led to Bevin not starting today’s stage 6 to La Planche des Belles Filles.  

During the fourth stage Bevin crashed with around 100km to go.  Chief Medical Officer for the team, Dr. Max Testa said, “An initial observation following the stage indicated he had some rib pain and other contusions, but he would be able to line up on stage five.  However, Patrick experienced severe pain during yesterday’s stage and was immediately taken for X-rays at the finish line.  The X-rays revealed two fractures on both the seventh and eighth ribs on his left side.”

Although Bevin was hoping to be able to start stage 6 the call was made by the team not to; instead focussing on recovery and being in good condition to take on the second half of the season.

“Patrick will require two weeks of rest before he can start easing back into training.  I expect a full recovery in four weeks which will give him time to get his fitness back and focus on his upcoming goals in the last half of the season.”

For Bevin, who had targeted the Tour de France from a long way out this season, rather than being called up late, he is taking a pragmatic view of the situation; disappointment mixed with realistic expectation and ambition.  “I came out of the Tour de Suisse in great form and felt like I had done everything right.  But, you have to take the emotion out of it, the fact that it is the Tour de France, and make a rational decision.  Two fractured ribs are not going to get better overnight.”

“I thought I had got away with it at the time and I didn’t have any trouble when I got back into the race, no skin off or anything like that.  I thought it wasn’t too bad but as the stage wore on, it got worse.  We did everything we could to minimise the pain but in yesterday’s stage it was getting even worse so we went straight to get X-rays after the stage, which confirmed the rib fractures.”

Bevin had targeted stage 13’s individual time trial as a major opportunity to try for a stage win.

New Zealanders Tom Scully and George Bennett remain in the Tour de France. Scully of EF Education First is 172nd overall, while George Bennett is 4th.


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