Ask any serious road cyclist why wheel reflectors are not part of their machine and the answer will typically revolve around two factors: they’re desperately unstylish and their weight and air drag hinder rather than help performance.  The FLECTR 360, by being attached to the bicycle rim is solving this problem.

Modern rims have provided the team at FLECTR with the inspiration to introduce an adhesive wide-angle reflector to their product list; and just to look at it the benefits are clear.  Being wrapped around both sides of the rim provides a gap-free reflection as well as a strong beam of light that will radiate into just about any direction courtesy of the thousands of metalised cube-corner prisms which will ensure maximum reflection.

The thousands of metalised cube-corner prisms ensure maximum reflection, photo FLECTR

The key is in the reflective film that FLECTR are proud to announce will bond with every rim material and shape.  Its stylishness extends to round rim, square rim, v-shaped rim; and all without wrinkling or peeling off despite being tested in very tough conditions for over a year.

Assembly of the FLECTR 360 is straightforward, simply clean the mounting area from dust and grease then press the FLECTR 360 onto the rim at room temperature; no tools required.  Even after using the FLECTR 360 for years it’s possible to dismantle this 0.8 gram safety feature without damaging the rim.

In 2017 FLECTR 360 has been on the receiving end of a number of awards including the Eurobike Winner Award 2017, German Design Award Winner 2018 and ISPO Brandnew Finalist 2017.

FLECTR 360 – ultimate bike reflector with 360° visibility from Outsider Team on Vimeo.

RoadCycling will be reviewing the FLECTR 360 in the coming weeks, but to find out more about the FLECTR 360 visit  FLECTR are currently running a release campaign for the product found at


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