Finn Fisher-Black is Europe-bound with WWV Junioren.  Having hailed from the Team Skoda-Fruzio set up and gained success on both road and track – including an U19 world record, arguably New Zealand’s brightest talent is hungry for world road championship selection and then . . . who knows?

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Fisher-Black Europe-bound with WWV Junioren

He is one of the most exciting and dynamic riders coming through New Zealand’s ranks at the moment.  From joining and thriving in the Team Skoda-Fruzio set up to becoming a world junior track champion, to becoming a world U19 record holder, to being crowned Oceania junior road champion.  It’s a bit like blink and he’s gone and done something else!  We got to chat with Finn to discuss his latest venture that sees him join WWV Junioren over in Europe.

Finn Fisher-Black en route to the Oceania Championship title in the junior men’s TT, photo Caitlin Johnston

RC:  First of all after your success on the track and winning back-to-back golds at Oceania roads, you’ve certainly gotten a lot of attention this season already!  How are you feeling about moving over to Europe?

Finn:  After the Oceania Champs, I took a couple of weeks off to rest after the big start to the year with Track Nationals and the Road Oceanias, even though this meant that I had to miss the National Road Championships, which took a lot of consideration as it is obviously one of the key selection races for the Junior Road Worlds. Now that I have had this time to rest and build back up towards my Europe trip with WWV, though, I feel that I can reset and focus on the next goal which is gaining some results in Europe.  I am feeling good and excited for this trip as we have been planning it for a while now and I am gaining more confidence in my form as the weeks progress. 

RC:  You’re about to immerse yourself into European cycling to a greater degree now more than ever.  Talk us through the timing of this move, what makes now the right time to head over there?

Finn:  The timing of this move going over to Europe has been decided so that it would fit in with my plans for the rest of the year, as I will be going into the Junior Track Worlds training camps in Cambridge in July and then back to Europe for Track Worlds in August. Cycling New Zealand has organised a trip for Juniors to go to Europe and race, however this is in July and clashes with the camps, so I had to make my own way over to get some racing in the Euro junior peloton.

The junior men’s team pursuit quartet enjoy life in the rainbow jerseys at the 2018 Junior Track Worlds, photo ©klementdesign

RC:  Why WWV?  What attracted you to the team?

Finn:  With the help of a very good contact that I already have in Europe for next year, I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to race the rest of this year’s road season with WWV Junioren, as they are a well renowned junior team in Europe and have gone from strength to strength so far this season already, and I can only hope to add to their success when I come over. 

RC:  Can you tell us about your race programme coming up, how long you will be over in Europe and what big goals you have ahead?

Finn:  I will head over to Europe for a month, leaving on the 2nd of June and back in time for the Track Worlds build up. I will do 3 races with WWV, these being Classiques des Alpes, a mountainous one-day race in the French Alps, Junior Weekend Roden and Acht Van Bladel, two Junior tours in the Netherlands. My goals for these races is to gain some more experience in the Euro peloton and hopefully gain some results that I can place next to my Oceania titles in the hope for Junior Road Worlds selection.

Title photo: Concept78 Photography


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