Karioi Classic

Date(s) - 29/07/2018

The Karioi Classic returns in 2018, image Karioi Classic

Raglan is one of the surfing gems of New Zealand.  Globally it is recognised and renowned, but growing in popularity over the last few years has been its local cycle race.  Held at the end of July with the winter chill nearing its peak, the Karioi Classic in 2018 will embark on its 8th edition.  The race takes place around Raglan’s mountain, Mount Karioi and combines a mixture of gravel and tar sealed roads.  

Of all the events on the RoadCycling calendar this is by far the most ‘mountain biking-est’ of them all.  The vast majority of the race is on gravel roads, the 43km event features just 9km of tar sealed roads, while the enduro 85km race takes on roughly 15km of non-gravel.  However, having said that this is the most ‘mountain biking-est’ of the races on our calendar, we should mention that gravel roads is the hardest thing you will find on the Karioi Classic.  There are no off-track sections, jumps to contend with, anything of the sort.  It is a challenge, but a very manageable one to a road rider with an interest to try out something a little less of a solid, even surface under the wheels.


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