Brad Evans of Drapac Professional Cycling is finding kermesse racing in Belgium quite to his liking.  Last week Evans finished second in the 75th GP Beeckman-De Caluwe out of a small group breakaway that contested the win.  The race was won by Jonas Bokeloh of An Post-Chain Reaction, with Evans taking his place on the podium after a strong team display.

The Grand Prix Beeckman-De Caluwe took the field on a 166km journey around a circuit of 12.77km in length.  All in all the field would take on 13 laps of the course and Drapac Professional Cycling showed up for the race with a strong outfit containing Brad Evans, Theodore Yates, Cyrus Monk, Matthew Ross, Oliver Kent-Spark, Thomas Kaesler, James Pane, Nicholas Katsonis.  The race was on from the start and Drapac Pro Cycling were right in the thick of the attacks.  “I rode a really good race along with the team, we were in every move going all day,” Brad told RoadCycling. 

While racing in kermesses are generally fast and furious from start to finish, it took until 40km for Brad Evans’ move to go clear.  “Our break went 40k to go and was with some strong guys. Everyone pulled very hard to start but in the last lap we lost cohesion with attacks. I wasn’t sure we could stay away,” Brad said.

Evans is known for having a fast sprint finish and he felt that he could rely on that to take the win.  “I backed myself for the sprint and was just only just pipped on the line in a photo finish by a faster guy,” Brad told us.

Over Evans’ time in Belgium, he has come to really enjoy and get plenty out of the kermesse racing; known for its intensity and aggressive racing style.  “Pro kermesse have big fields 130 plus, are tough circuits and raced full gas all day with no respite. They suit me well, I’m good on cobbles and can sprint and corner well,” Brad explained.  “I have been close to winning twice in the last month, with just getting caught. It’s great to be still feeling strong in these races after four hours of hard racing.”

Evans’ podium brought the curtain down on his Belgian campaign as he now heads back for racing in Australia.  “I’m heading back to Australia tomorrow for Tour of Great South Coast. My goal was a win over here, but will have to settle for the podium.”


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