Tis the season to be jolly, or the season to jump on the bike and take in 325km of cycling in two days.  Christmas Eve and Boxing Day saw Ed finally bring his wonderful wife around to believing that him biking up to Auckland and back home to Raglan was a good idea.

Christmas is over and the New Year is approaching.  It’s been a very busy 2018 season for us at RoadCycling and we wanted to take the chance to thank everyone who has been involved with our journey through the last 12 months in big ways and small.  

We were also so delighted bring you the highlights and top tips of so many New Zealand cycling figures on Christmas Eve.  Seeing Alex Ray back on the bike and racing again was definitely one of our biggest highlights and we’ve got his video in its entirety explaining his highlights of the year and his advice for 2019.  

We also had the pleasure of hosting Joshua Aldridge on his trip that kind of puts ours to shame!  He’s currently on his way from Auckland to Nelson and he stopped by in Raglan on his way through. 

Enjoy, and Happy New Year!


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