RoadCycling went running in our latest VLOG!  Here at the latest round of the Grassroots Trust Team Championship presented by Dynamo Events, Ed decides to put his running shoes on to follow a bike race . . .

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Kuijpers solos to Onewhero Classic win

Victory sweet for Blair Taylor at Onewhero Classic

The Onewhero Classic is possibly our favourite course of the series because of the final kick to the line.  The final 8km to the line is undulating, challenging and a long drag to the finish and we thought we’d take advantage of the fact that the riders aren’t whizzing by quite as quickly by capturing the action of more than half a dozen categories taking on the same uphill stretch of road.

We had so much footage from that one climb as some riders flew and others fought their way to the finish line, each with a different story at the end of how they fared on the slopes.  Among our favourite stories of the day were Blair Taylor finally taking his first Team Championship win in category 2 and Jayden Kuijpers holding on to solo to victory in category 1.

Enjoy our bit of a look behind the camera at what goes on from our side of a bike race!


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