Clug – a clever bike storage idea

RoadCycling’s Eugene Bonthuys takes a look at a new bike storage idea that champions discretion in its appearance. Here he gives his review to a product that provides an answer to the question ‘how can I be less conspicuous with how I store my two-wheeled machine?’

The Chug bike storage system is minimalistic in its appearance, discrete and a very handy tool to have about the house! Photo Eugene Bonthuys

RoadCycling’s Eugene Bonthuys takes a look at a new bike storage idea that champions discretion in its appearance, providing an answer to the question ‘how can I be less conspicuous with how I store my machine?’

When it comes to bike storage, I have some experience. After all, I am a firm believer in n+1, which states that the number of bikes you need is always one more than the number of bikes you currently have.  A recent foray into retro bikes has not exactly improved matters.  This has led to a proliferation of bike storage ideas scattered throughout the house, from bikes randomly leaning against the wall, to hanging from dedicated bike storage systems by their top tubes, front wheels, and pretty much everything in between. However, all these systems (apart from the bikes leaning against the wall) have one thing in common; they are quite conspicuous and not very attractive, which means they have been relegated to the garage and utility room downstairs. None of these would be allowed anywhere close to the living areas of the house, even though I consider a number of my bikes to be true works of art.

Enter the Clug

The Clug is different. For one, it is small.  So small in fact, that when I looked at the box it came in, I thought they must have sent me a miniature display model instead of the real thing.  It is a miniscule 30 millimetres high and 42 millimetres wide, and protrudes 42 millimetres from the wall once installed.  The size and design of the Clug means it does not look out of place in a minimalist modern living area, and without a bike attached, it virtually disappears. A selection of colours also means you can find one that suits your personal taste.

It comes in three different versions; one for road bikes, one for hybrids, and one for mountain bikes.  The little device works by clipping onto the tyre of the bike, whether the front wheel if you want the bike mounted vertically, or the rear wheel if you want it standing on the floor without leaning agains the wall.

Clug full length photo Eugene Bonthuys
This simple storage idea makes the tidying away of your race machine simple, discreet and . . . . tidy!
Photo: Eugene Bonthuys
The instructions, as well as a template for drilling the necessary holes in the wall, are integrated into the box – yet another really clever piece of design – with a humorous reminder on the back to warn you when you have the template the wrong way around.

Installation and use

Now I have to admit that, in spite of the clearly well thought out design, I was a bit hesitant.  After all, this little beauty was so much smaller, prettier, and quite frankly, cheaper, than any of my other bike storage options, that I found myself wondering what the catch was.

Installation was very easy, and took me less than ten minutes, once the agonising over where in the house to place it was out of the way. The package contains comprehensive instructions, including which drill bit to use, as well as the mounting hardware required – just two anchors and their accompanying screws.  All I needed to do was place my bike up against the wall were I wanted to mount it, position the template, and drill two holes using a 5mm drill bit.  The anchors went in after a light tap with a rubber mallet, after which two screws secured the bracket to the wall. Clip the colourful business end of the Clug into the bracket, and you are good to go.

The version of the Clug I installed is intended for road bikes, with a tyre range of 23mm to 32mm.  If you are in any doubt, the outside of the box shows the minimum and maximum range of the tyres the Clug can accommodate, so you can measure up before committing.  It held my race bike with ease, and there is enough flexibility in the design that it could accommodate my other road bikes as well, in spite of varying tyre width and wheelbase.

The verdict

The Clug is one of the neatest bits of bicycle related engineering I have yet encountered. Ease of installation and ease of use, combined with a very pleasing and minimal aesthetic, makes this little gem a winner.  It might not be the answer for every bike storage solution, but it is as close to perfection as I have yet encountered, especially when the price is taken into account.

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